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Give me five: the best 5 moments of LCM

London's got talent

Give me five: the best 5 moments of LCM London's got talent

The dawn of this new day ratifies the sunset of the LCM SS2016. To retrace and pay tribute to what has been, today we "give you five": these are the most innovative and interesting designers that have made this edition of  London Collection Men so special.

#1 J.W. Anderson

We were waiting for the work of J.W. Anderson with the same trepidation of the students waiting for the end of their final exam. A "fil rouge" links the new SS 2016 collection to the previous one: similar inspiration, jewels, semantically related words. One of the interesting aspects of Anderson is that he doesn't forget: he revolutionizes his past, yes, but always maintaining a certain continuity of identity. All garments on the catwalk are rich of zen symbolism - the pendants, the talismans, the small objects and the silhouettes: vintage French work uniforms, oversized. A visual reminder of the youth and its innocence, of the space and of the order of mind.

#2 Matthew Miller

For the SS 2016, Matthew Miller focuses on the collective imagination linked to the office workwear: a serious and clean universe, with its simple lines and its neutral colours. What did Miller do with this starting point? He made it less serious, literally crumpling it. The designer was able to turn inside out a consolidated style of clothing, adding character and respecting those traits that give specificity to a genre. That’s a valid reason to go to the office in the morning.

#3 Christopher Shannon

Christopher Shannon took a catwalk and thrown it into buckets of colourful paint: the grey London had to accept an unexpected revolution of strong colours. An exuberance hidden behind classic silhouettes, creating a conceptual and very charming contrast. A party soul, that of Shannon, expressed through a series of jackets and oversize jeans, long sleeved tops and big prints. Important mention for the collaboration between the designer and the brand CAT - which led to the creation of the sneakers with the Jurassic Hooves sole.

#4 Agi & Sam

First of all, the make up: stellar. As if  after staring too long at the starry sky, the models had been sucked into the night.

The same blue colour of the night, in all its shades and variations, is the leitmotiv of the entire collection: on classic jackets, on stripes garments, on oversize pants and large coats. In a mix of current trends and timeless style, every piece of Agi&Sam is interchangeable and wearable, breaking down the barriers of seasonality: everything matches perfectly with everything, always. Is it a dream? Yes, more or less. The stars are there.

#5 Xander Zhou

Before diving into the world of Xander Zhou make sure you clarify your ideas: the designer is going to give you a lot. Zhou apparently seems to present three different collections, condensed into one soul: an initial minimal and neutral approach leaves space to garments characterized by a Chinese heritage which then incorporate a stripe attitude, halfway between classic and dreamy. A Riot of genres, presented masterfully.