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Prabal Gurung raises funds for Nepal earthquake

Fashion world united for Nepal

Prabal Gurung raises funds for Nepal earthquake Fashion world united for Nepal

The count  continues to rise, and now we speak about 10,000 victims.

When reality becomes more incredible than a disaster movie: an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale followed by landslides and avalanches on Mount Everest. Towns and villages razed.

Unimaginable tragedies, almost incomprehensible. Luckily someone is doing something: Prabal Gurung, the fashion designer of Nepalese origin organized an huge fundraising to support the earthquake victims. His goal was to reach the $ 250,000 but we know it has already exceeded by $ 500,000. But not yet enough, the initial funds will be invested in basic necessities, such as food, water and medicines, then they will need to finance the reconstruction of the many destroyed buildings.

Prabal is closely related to Nepal, most of his family is still in Khatmandu, and a few years ago he founded the Shikshya Foundation Nepal, to promote the education of young Nepalese. In recent interview with The Huffington Post he noted, "The magnitude of the damage is still being Assessed, but Hundreds of buildings have collapsed including many homes and many of Nepal's ancient and iconic temples and monuments, your donations will go through my organization, Shikshya Foundation Nepal (, and we will distribute 100% of the funds accordingly, based on the latest needs on the ground. "

Even Bamdana Tewari, editor of Vogue India for Nepalese origin, joins the call. Yesterday she told Business of Fashion: "Fashion is such an incredible platform to mobilize people to act for the good of others. Now is the time to walk the talk and bring all the principles, That we discuss and debate in conferences and summits fashion, to life. Here is a chance to make this true for fashion and personal by being Involved in the recovery of a poor country with the richest heart. "

Never as in this case the union is strength.

Now we have to open our hearts (and wallet) for a good cause.

"Please donate generously and spread the word." Cit. Prabal Gurung