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KANYE WEST YEEZY SEASON 1 - As seen on Instagram

KANYE WEST YEEZY SEASON 1 - As seen on Instagram


Let's play a game and it's called " KANYE SAYS" for those of you living in 6 feet under, yesterday kanye launched is Yeezy collection season 1. and the Game has just started.


KANYE SAYS: "More bare booties".  Mr. West seems to be “redefining beauty” . More Curvy, soft and expanding the perception of the Woman taking her back to a more chunky vision. will the entire world accept Kim as the new canonic Beauty? 


KW says Back to the Dirrrrrty Fever as Christina Aguilera and Britney used to dance, I'll be a salve for you and I'll show you my panties. 


I've always been Kanye Fan since the "The College Dropout" and "Pinocchio Story" going through all the memorable " stronger" moment he made us live. Kanye's sound and vision has always been very strong and full of anger  but unfortunately the energy at the show was very low, I couldn't feel any kind of positive tension. 

The front-row was the only remarkable thing.


I don't' wonna be in KW s PR shoes, As you can see in the Picture Justin Bieber ( look at the tattoo on the neck) was sitting in the second row. Poor Justin, KW says "2nd row".


this time it's north turn: NW says where The F+++ are your clothes? Kanye embodies the perfect PR, he's not selling anything than HYPE.



KANYE SAYS: "Nike should fear him". Probably because he wanted to copy the last season must-have "Roshe run"? 


In the end the color palette was great, and the styling was impeccable but the point is where's the collection? Maybe the creative genius was forced by the Adidas colossus to launch something this season?