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Jacquemus's La Femme Enfant

FW14 Collection

Jacquemus's La Femme Enfant FW14 Collection

The childhood, the fun, the joy, light-heartedness. Georgia Graham is "La femme enfant". The model provides bob and blue eyes to this figure of woman-child, fragile and candid, which has never completely left childhood behind, celebrated by the photographer and filmmaker Bertrand Le Pluard and by the designer of Jacquemus Simon Porte in an irreverent and solar short film.

In the four minutes of the video Georgia, wearing the creations of French brand's aw14 collection, lives as children live: jumping, playing with plasticine, hiding behind a tree, experiencing the world. Always smiling and joyful, the English girl, in a fun mini tutorial, shows, making the gesture that every child has done at least once, how to put on lipstick. The result is a clownish makeup, childhood memory, game of mirrors between past and present, between what we were and what we are.

Simone Porte translates the look of a little girl to a young woman, dressed in oversized clothes, graphic shapes and color contrasts.