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Fabric Division FW 2013 Collection

Underwater Skating

Fabric Division FW 2013 Collection Underwater Skating

Fabric Division is the project of Linda Crivellari and Enrico Assirelli. The first is graduated in cultures and techniques of costume fashion, the second is an industrial designer. In 2009 they blend together their experiences creating a brand of eco-friendly street wear. Avant-garde and innovation meet minimalism and geometric rigor, creating, season after season, always the most interesting proposals.

"Underwater Skating," autumn-winter collection, is a perfect example of this style. It 's a play of solids and voids, hot and cold, as it combines technical materials, but also classic knitwear, basic shapes, but full of details. Lycra and cadì alternate with mohair, so zips and necklines. Folds and drapes are giving the body of a dense texture, carved into the tissues through the project "engraving rocks" artist Clio Casadei, who, through laser engraving, scratch their heads giving character and uniqueness. The melancholy tones of the metropolis, gray, blue, black, are diluted by white and peach.

"Underwater skating" is a hybrid collection, which, like the sport that inspired it, it adapts and evolves. Change codes typical streetwear, turning it into a series of structured dresses and comfortable, in which the body's architecture is a compromise of love with practicality and femininity.