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How to get the Scandinavian look

Minimalism? Yes, but with an edge

How to get the Scandinavian look Minimalism? Yes, but with an edge

The so-called Scandinavian look has gained significant traction in recent years in the world of fashion. But what is the Scandinavian look, and how do you achieve it? A style that requires functionality and style simultaneously, the Scandinavian look is a sophisticated and effortless approach to fashion. Although it is minimalistic, it remains comfortable and classical. It may even appear generic to the untrained eye, but its attention to detail is what gives it a unique character. It's no secret that Scandinavian fashion isn't just about clothing; it's a lifestyle and a philosophy that promotes simplicity, practicality, and an innate sense of effortlessness. Scandi-chic, a well-used term describing the core of Scandinavian style discourse, emphasising minimalism, has gained recognition well beyond the fashion industry and is a great term for understanding how to achieve the Scandinavian aesthetic.

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Due to the Nordic weather, outerwear can present as a challenge since you never quite know what you need to prepare for it. However, a long black wool coat in a classic cut is the preferred choice, which can be exchanged for an oversized blazer to maintain the minimalistic look. The more practical option is an overcoat in nylon to withstand unpredictable weather. Layering is a necessity, so a chunky knit in a muted color or a soft cashmere sweater in black is a great choice. Layers are crucial to achieving the Scandi effortless approach, as they give the outfit a classic yet practical feel. This is why most shirts that embody Scandi-chic have a slightly oversized pattern – not too classic but still providing a formal impression. When it comes to pants, the Scandinavian look is dominated by two types: light washed jeans with just enough whiskers to give them a slightly worn yet intentionally used appearance, and the more formal and classical option of wool trousers. Practicality is paramount in the footwear category. Despite recent appreciation for more formal footwear, sneakers remain a significant part of the Scandinavian look. The New Balance 990 has been and still is the 'it' shoe. However, with the rise of loafers and boots, leather shoes are establishing their presence within the Scandinavian look. 

A hidden secret to achieving the Scandinavian look is intentionally leaving something undone. Whether this means wearing an oversized sweater underneath your blazer or combining it with seemingly more comfortable attire, such as jeans with sneakers, the undone approach only works through a meticulous attention to details and colors. To maintain the minimalistic look, all colors in an outfit must be carefully considered, sticking to darker tones such as grey, black, and dark brown to create uniformity and elevate the outfit to a more formal and polished level. Introducing simpler and smaller stripes to break up and soften the look has long been an effective way of achieving this. When incorporating colors, opt for muted tones with lower saturation, such as mellow greens, light browns, and pale blues.

In conclusion, mastering the Scandinavian look is all about embracing the art of simplicity, functionality, and a keen eye for detail. It encourages you to curate a wardrobe filled with pieces that serve a dual purpose, making it versatile for all kinds of occasions and weather conditions. It's a style that effortlessly blends comfort and classic aesthetics, making it both timeless and adaptable to various settings.