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Leandro Cano FW 2013 Collection


Leandro Cano FW 2013 Collection Anima

Azaril, the angel of death falls on the catwalk. He, wrapped in ivory, helps souls to cross the border of life, and leads them into a bright kingdom of peace in which to start a new life. With the figure of this melancholy and full of love angel identifies the Spanish fashion designer Leandro Cano, taking inspiration for his collection "Anima".

Each creation is for him a white soul that seeks to emerge. No wonder so that his clothes are candid, full of light, romantic and evocative. They look like sculptures, baroque finely decorated porcelain, with floral motifs, made ​​of ceramic. There are several materials in which the clothes of "Anima" are made and that create a play of textures: leather, plastic, fur, wool, cotton. The volumes are important, trademark of Cano, with a focus on shoulders and hips. Winner of "Designer for Tomorrow", thanks to Marc Jacobs who chose him, born in 1984, based in Seville, Leandro Cano creates dreams of light and shadow, ancient and decadent that are a hymn to elevate our spirit.