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Pusha T is Louis Vuitton's new recruit

Unsurprisingly, artist and long-time friend of Pharrell joins the Louis Vuitton family

Pusha T is Louis Vuitton's new recruit Unsurprisingly, artist and long-time friend of Pharrell joins the Louis Vuitton family

Louis Vuitton makes a splash with its new recruit: Pusha T. This iconic rapper, a longtime friend and frequent collaborator of Pharrell Williams, joins the ranks of Louis Vuitton, bringing with him an undeniable cultural influence and a rich history of collaborations. This news, revealed on July 8, 2024, marks a turning point for the French house, which is more than ever combining high fashion with urban culture, continuing the work of Virgil Abloh. The House commented that «the appointment of Pusha T as ambassador illustrates our commitment to art and bold style, reflecting our dedication to a unique fashion that transcends cultural boundaries.»

The journey of Terrence LeVarr Thornton, aka Pusha T, and Pharrell Williams goes back to their years in Virginia Beach. Their first meeting dates back to the late 1990s when Pharrell and his partner Chad Hugo, forming The Neptunes, produced several tracks for Clipse, Pusha T's group with his brother No Malice. Their debut album, «Lord Willin'», released in 2002, received critical acclaim and secured their place in the music industry. Since then, Pusha T and Pharrell have maintained a fruitful collaboration, with Pharrell signing several tracks on Pusha's solo albums, including «It's Almost Dry», which has been praised as a perfect demonstration of their creative synergy.

Naming Pusha T ambassador of Louis Vuitton seems almost inevitable. The House praised the rapper for his «incisive lyrical storytelling» and his notable impact on the music world. Pusha T is much more than a successful rapper; he embodies a true cultural force. His ability to offer raw and sincere narratives through his lyrics sets him apart in the rap landscape. With a striking lyrical style, he has collaborated with iconic figures such as Kanye West (Ye), Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. At the same time, he has also made a splash in the fashion world, with notable partnerships with Adidas, BAPE, and Marcelo Burlon. His presence at the Met Gala, as a guest of Thom Browne, and his remarkable appearances at Louis Vuitton shows testify to his influence in fashion circles. Notably, his appearances on the Pont Neuf catwalk during Pharrell's first show, his memorable appearance at the Fall 2024 Wild West-inspired show, and his contribution to the soundtrack of the latest UNESCO show stand out.

Louis Vuitton is visibly delighted with this new collaboration, stating that «Pusha T's role as ambassador strengthens our vision of harmonizing diverse cultural influences to create a powerful story in our men's universe.» The House is already looking forward to future collaborations with Pusha T, stating that «their shared history promises vibrant creative expressions and confirms that Louis Vuitton's circle of ambassadors is at the heart of defining the contemporary landscape in various fields.»