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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

From 9 to 11 September

5 things to do in Milan this weekend From 9 to 11 September

Now that metropolitan life is back on track, with a much more populated and cheerful Milan than it was a few days ago, the club season is also starting up again, timidly. Between new openings and the subtle, contagious enthusiasm that every new beginning brings, nss takes you on a tour of the city's best. 

To Eat - 28 places 

A unique place to enjoy contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. The kitchen is the soul of the project, into which guests can enter via a quick passage at the entrance and a loophole in the dining room that reveals the preparation of the dishes. Another special feature of the restaurant is the decision to collaborate with the Liveinslums Onlus Ong, a partner in the project, which has set up a carpentry workshop inside prisons, where tables, doors and cupboards used in the restaurant have been built. Their menu features only seasonal products, oriented towards ethical values, attentive to food quality, respect for the environment and fair production processes.

Via Corsico, 1

To Discover - Pleasant by Monica Bonvicini

A reflection on domestic spaces and feminism, in an overlapping of voices that transforms the gallery space into a series of puzzles. The medium are words, capable of describing an entire environment and at the same time triggering reflections through quotations from women writers, including Amelia Rosselli, Lydia Davis, Diana Williams and Natalia Diaz. While the choice of colours, reproduced on a series of mirrors, echoes the palette of the photographic portrait of Virginia Woolf by Gisele Freund in 1939. 

Via A. Stradella 7

To Chill - Gesto

A tapas cocktail bar that follows a sustainable and eco-friendly catering model, attentive to consumption and the use of local and organic products and recyclable materials. In addition to a cosy ambience with wrought iron tables alternating with large wooden counters, leather chairs, murals depicting famous people and vertical vegetable gardens, the special feature is the ordering process: through small blackboards that the customer brings to the till and on which the order is then served. 

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 15

To Shop - Spotti Milan 

It is said that surrounding oneself with beauty helps one to live better: since 1986, Spotti has been carefully selecting the best furnishings and accessories for homes, offices and places of community all over the world, at the crossroads of an Italian and international clientele that, in a continuous osmosis, gives and receives ideas and reflections on the composition of the ideal living space

Viale Piave, 27

To Club - Polifonic 

This weekend, two clubbing icons meet in the spaces of the Triennale. Head of the revamped Innervisions record label,  @dixon_ has moulded his sound into something visionary year after year, with an impeccable aesthetic, his performances are a confident and unpredictable triumph at the same time. There will also be @lelesacchi, a lifetime dedicated to music and a certainty in the Italian electronic, house and alternative scene. To add to the fun, @yas.reven's DJ set will heat up this late summer night.

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6