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Goldwin 0's first collection is a film

Between sustainability and the union of art and science

Goldwin 0's first collection is a film Between sustainability and the union of art and science

Goldwin 0, an experimental platform for connectivity and collaboration between art and science, presents Enquiry 2, the lookbook for the debut FW22 collection, which will hit the market in October 2022. Created by a multidisciplinary team - the creative agency OK-RM shaped the spirit of the project - it is a seven-part film with different choreographies and music that embody the philosophy of the project. Working in tandem with the Goldwin team in Japan, design director Julia Rodowicz and lead designer Jean-Luc Ambridge created a highly technical first collection, focusing on sustainability and playing on a duality that allows garments to exist in an active or non-active context.

Goldwin 0 qualifies as the outdoor brand's pinnacle capsule, an experimental platform of functional clothing for men and women, an evolving project that sits at the intersection of design, innovation, and art while finding a harmonious balance with nature. Double-weave nylon vests can be attached to shells, worn as mid-layers or on their own. Packable parkas expand to incorporate bike helmets or backpacks, protecting the wearer, with ultrasonic welding creating maximum compressibility. Water-resistant three-layer pants allow temperature regulation via ventilation zippers that can also elegantly reveal underwear. For the mid-layer knitwear, Julia Rodowicz drew on the brand's heritage: the Fair Isle knitwear echoes the famous Goldwin sweaters used in the 1960s and 1970s on the ski slopes. 


Using Japan's WHOLEGARMENT 3D printing technology, Goldwin 0 can make its knitwear in one piece, reducing waste with the least amount of waste. All wool used is cruelty free and can be recycled to the end of its life cycle. Sustainability is truly at the heart of Goldwin 0: The project carefully selects materials that have minimal environmental impact and is the first to use Spiber's new materials, including the biopolymer Brewed ProteinTM for shell jackets, denim and knitwear. Both knit tops and pants are created using recycled PET bottles, which harkens back to the Goldwin 0 ethos of an eternal life journey. Indeed, the film is an exploration of the body, space, sound, and movement as they move and respond to each other.