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The new adidas NMD_S1 according to Barengo

From 2015 to the present

The new adidas NMD_S1 according to Barengo From 2015 to the present

Since its first launch in 2015, the adidas NMD have immediately enjoyed unexpected success and have never left the market, changing shapes and colours to adapt to the fickleness of trends - from the declination designed by Chanel to the Hu line designed by Pharrell Williams - but without ever losing a distinct spirit that combines streetwear and functionality. This year, after an initial aesthetic makeover back in 2021, the model continues to amaze by taking on new looks and new ways of communicating its aesthetic to the younger generation.

The NMD_S1 features a chunky, squared-off sole, decorated with adidas branding inserts, the ever-present transparent side three stripes and a sleek, comfortable silhouette suitable for any occasion. Telling about the new sneaker, due out next August 12, at an exclusive event at YAPA restaurant, is Federico Barengo one of the most beloved voices in Italian lifestyle and streetwear culture as well as one of the most intimate connoisseurs of sneaker culture, who has always been a big fan of the brand and the model itself. «I was 15 years old the first time he bought the NMDs at Retail by a stroke of luck, at a time when the hype around the model was incredible, and he wore them so much that he wore out the sole» he recounts, testifying to how the sneaker has been able to evolve and grow, without ever ceasing to accompany us in our everyday outfits.

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