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adidas will continue to sell YEEZY in 2024

The legacy of Ye continues to weigh on the German brand

adidas will continue to sell YEEZY in 2024 The legacy of Ye continues to weigh on the German brand

The separation between Kanye West and adidas is taking much longer than expected. When, in October 2022, the German brand decided to distance itself from the rapper's image following his unfortunate anti-Semitic remarks, everyone wondered how long this separation would actually take. Over time, endless speculations have suggested that brand collaborators like Jerry Lorenzo and Wales Bonner could fill the void left by the more ambiguous sneakers and footwear born from Ye's mind. According to adidas' latest decisions, it seems that this mission has failed: the Three Stripes brand is still inseparably linked to the creative. That is why the brand announced in recent days that it intends to continue selling Yeezy even though it has terminated its partnership with Kanye West.

«The fourth quarter performed better than expected, resulting in an operating profit for the year growing by €368 million compared to our estimates,» explained Bjørn Gulden, CEO of adidas for two years. He continued by saying that "the increase was due to an improvement in operating activities of about €100 million and the decision not to devalue €268 million worth of Yeezy stock." The company's investigations into consumer behavior have highlighted the convenience of liquidating the remaining YEEZY stocks even in 2024. Bjørn Gulden concluded by stating that the company's goal is to «devalue only damaged or defective stocks.»

The strategy adopted by the Norwegian Bjørn Gulden is righteous, especially following a very difficult week for adidas. After the announcement of the preliminary results for 2023, which recorded a 5% decrease in sales, the company's stock opened on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a loss of over 7%. At the same time, the German brand once again demonstrates that Ye's legacy continues to have a lasting impact on its present and future. We can only begin to imagine what adidas' next moves will be, which, by the end of 2024, barring unexpected developments, will definitively cease the sale of YEEZY.