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New allegations of anti-Semitism in the story between adidas and Ye

Was this just the beginning of his decline?

New allegations of anti-Semitism in the story between adidas and Ye Was this just the beginning of his decline?

The controversies between Adidas and Ye are taking on biblical proportions: the latest updates, leaked thanks to a thorough investigation by The New York Times, further magnify the ongoing issue between the German brand and the artist. The American newspaper has indeed discovered that Kanye's unstable behaviors and the subsequent anti-Semitic statements didn't emerge solely at the end of 2022 (the time when Adidas decided to terminate the partnership with Kanye), but would have been present since the beginning of the collaboration between the two parties, dating back to around 2013. Yes, because while the Adidas YEEZY 350 V1 Turtledove was released in 2015, Kanye had started working on the initial prototypes two years earlier. The investigation revealed some testimonies from two designers who witnessed Kanye's complaints. Unsatisfied with the initial sketches created by the two, he allegedly went on a rant and drew a swastika on the toebox of one of the shoes.

The second testimony dates back to 2015, during the preparations for the presentation of the first collection of the YEEZY line, as part of New York Fashion Week. In a moment of agitation (justified), Kanye reportedly uttered several offensive phrases described as «abusive, vulgar, and sexually explicit.» It was from this episode that Adidas felt compelled to include a new and significant clause in Kanye's future contract. In 2016, in the new $15 million deal, a "moral" clause was added, stating that Adidas could choose to terminate the partnership with Ye in case he engaged in scandalous actions that would harm himself or the company. There are also testimonies regarding invective against Beyoncé and an ode to the actions of Donald Trump, surrounded by a supposition that Jay-Z would have wanted to hire hitmen to have Kanye killed.

Furthermore, in 2018, Kanye apparently praised Nazi propaganda, calling Adolf Hitler an «excellent marketer,» a scenario exacerbated by the testimony of a former Adidas manager, who recounted how Kanye used to kiss a portrait of Hitler every day. We are all aware of the subsequent developments, especially those from 2022. The story told by The New York Times highlights how the Kanye situation had become unsustainable for an entire company. At the same time, it's incredible how the inner workings of Adidas are coming to light ten years later, a detail that inevitably underscores how the Kanye, the designer (and well-known personality), was something (almost) irreplaceable for a sportswear leader like the Three Stripes brand. Meanwhile, one of the recent news stories reported that the concept store and magazine, WTS, had put unreleased YEEZY x GAP hoodies up for sale. How did Kanye react to this? Probably, at this moment, amidst the new accusations mainly revolving around the issue of anti-Semitism and the announcement of a highly anticipated tour, he may have simply scrolled past the news on his feed, remaining entirely impassive.