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Will drinking like a celebrity make us like them?

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain have launched beverage brands, writing an unprecedented page of celebrity culture

Will drinking like a celebrity make us like them?  Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain have launched beverage brands, writing an unprecedented page of celebrity culture

Over the last few weeks, there's been great talking about the desirability and the likelihood of success of celebrity-founded brands, whether Hailey Bieber's minimalist skincare or Kim Kardashian's luxury version. And while the two have preferred to "play it safe," launching lines and items long associated with celebrity status, there are those who have done it differently, choosing to sell not just one product, but an entire lifestyle. Through a simple drink. 

In 2021 it was Kendall Jenner who had set herself apart from the competition, preferring to her sisters' (dis)adventures in fashion and beauty a brand of tequila, 818. Overcoming the many criticisms about the genuine authenticity of a tequila defined as Mexican and the inevitable accusations of cultural appropriation, one fact remains: the ideal of life and aesthetic that Jenner manages to convey through a simple drink. From the number that gives the tequila its name, the Calabasas zip code, the exclusive Los Angeles area where the supermodel lives, to the events to launch the drink, to the Instagram posts with which Jenner promotes her own brand, Kendall is targeting a specific type of girl: the one who wants to be like her. A woman who on TikTok reveals where to find the dupes of the outfits worn by the model, who checks and double-checks Jenner's street style photos before getting dressed for inspiration, who for a night of clubbing rocks a slick bun, who loves to party but doesn't hide a tomboy side. And if the actual steps required to be or become a Kardashian-Jenner are lacking - the money, the botox, the fame, The Row handbags - drinking what Kendall drinks on a Saturday night can give the illusion of looking at least a little like her. 



At the opposite extreme, however, we find Kin Euphorics, the beverage brand co-founded by Bella Hadid. The website states that the brand "transforms the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a thoughtful act of taking better care of ourselves". When self-care reaches unthinkable levels. In case you needed more info to complete your purchase (8 cans for $30) the site is not short on revelations: the zodiac sign and inclinations of the two founders, along with definitions and terms such as energy, ayurvedic, and crystals. A New Age universe that has expanded from the horoscope on social media and beyond as a spiritual beacon by which to lead one's life. A healthy and balanced lifestyle must necessarily be in harmony with the planet, so it's mandatory to dress in vintage clothes (even horrible ones), walk around with a book in hand in order to pretend to be wise and curious, and post daily on IG Stories about the planets' energy and position. 

In the middle, for affordability and realistic impact, is Emma Chamberlain, whose coffee brand is one of the most successful influencer-founded brands of recent years, thanks to its authenticity and organic and effective promotion, especially when Emma was still posting videos on YouTube. The type of girl for whom Chamberlain Coffee exerts irresistible appeal dresses in vintage Levi's, wears Dr Martens, uses exclusively canvas tote bags, prefers cats to dogs, and would never give up her wired headphones. For this army of consuming fans, coffee is truly a daily ritual with which to take care of themselves and post on social media. 

Jenner, Hadid, and Chamberlain are three very different personalities with as many target audiences (although the first two partly overlap), and three different conceptions of what a brand should be (and do). At a time in history when social media gives the illusion of being able to be connected with anyone, even celebrities, it has become crucial for them to appear relatable, to let their normalcy shine through, while at the same time providing the tools, products, and secrets with which to be like them (and on which they have great profit margin). A foolproof plan to become influencers in the true sense of the word.