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How do you dress to go to a festival?

Italian streetwear at the Polifonic Festival with Zalando

How do you dress to go to a festival?  Italian streetwear at the Polifonic Festival with Zalando

Summer is the festival season and neither rain, nor wind, nor any other natural cataclysm can dent the desire to dance to the rhythm of our favourite bands after a two-year period of pandemic impediments. With the festival season also comes the time to decide what to wear to get the right look, which is why nss magazine and Zalando have chosen the Polifonic to launch The Italian Streetwear, an editorial project born with the aim of telling the story of Italian street culture and aesthetics starting from those who live the trends on their skin every day. The first issue is dedicated to the narration of the moments leading up to (and following) the festival, from the meeting with one's group of friends to the actual live show, passing through a crucial moment: choosing of the outfit. 

There is a fine line between being cool and having the wrong look in the wrong place, caught up in every festival-goer's worst nightmare: getting the wrong theme. Actually, it only takes a few simple tips to face the live season with elegance (and practicality), starting with the basics: ankle boots or sandals? Short, medium or long skirt? Western style? The range of possibilities is endless, but the right way is always to mix your own personal style with a few staple festival looks. You can't go wrong with a bohemian vibe or a rock and roll look, the trick is to balance it out with a bit of texture or hardware. In practical terms: don't match a chunky necklace or a pair of studded leather boots and don't match a maxi dress with a fringed leather waistcoat. When in doubt, less is more is a motto that hasn't yet aged.

A vintage and distressed allure, a pair of washed-out shorts and a graphic tee is a passepartout for all occasions: an original rock and roll t-shirt - possibly authentic or borrowed from your parents' wardrobe and with the logo of bands from the 70s, 80s or 90s on it - is perhaps the most appropriate choice for a concert. Despite the heat, it is optimal to wear a jumper or a light blazer, if you are feeling daring a fringed kimono or a leather waistcoat to combat the temperature excursion and to ensure that an evening of wild dancing with your friends does not cost you bronchitis. If you're going to wear open-toed shoes or heeled sandals, you're way off the mark, after all, festivals are proof that boots are a worthwhile item to have on hand all year round, especially if Camperos. Alternatively, a pair of (possibly dark) trainers in theme with your outfit can always save the day. 

In full Euphoria-mania, it's time to exaggerate with make-up and glitter, a grunge look made of iridescences and eyeshadows bright enough to be noticed even when the sun has gone down, while for hairstyle trends speak of thin braids combined with elastic bands in pop colours. For men, the best solution is a tank top - strictly white and even better if cropped - worn under an open, floral shirt, a pair of baggy jeans and a John Wayne-style bandana. A cool but effortless aesthetic, capable of taking you through hours of pogoing in the crowd, without making you look frumpy or out of place. Sunscreen, sunglasses - preferably in a raver mood - and hydration are recommended: after all, Coachella shows us that festivals are nothing more than a fashion 'marathon', but don't let your outfit get in the way between you and your favourite band.