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The new Vibram campaign dedicated to FiveFingers

«Move freely»

The new Vibram campaign dedicated to FiveFingers «Move freely»

After the huge success of its collaboration with Balenciaga, Vibram has decided to relaunch its FiveFingers footwear line with a new digital campaign named Move Freely that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey that sees a researcher analyze the footprints left by Vibram FiveFingers in different environments to discover their origins. Through this female protagonist, the connection between the human foot and the surrounding natural environment is emphasized - which is also the guiding philosophy followed in the creation of FiveFingers, conceived in 1999 by Robert Fliri.

FiveFingers were created precisely to replicate the feeling and freedom of walking barefoot while protecting the foot. About six years after their conception, Vibram, which then specialized in technical footwear for mountaineers, developed the innovative shoe, creating what we know as Vibram FiveFingers. Vibram's recent rediscovery was due precisely to the recent techwear trend that placed an emphasis on performance apparel, elevating to aesthetics that technical component that until then had not received the recognition it deserved. In this sense, the Vibram FiveFingers is the most technical of all shoes, as it is designed as a true extension of human physiology.