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Sustainability according to adidas includes Satta

How to extend the life cycle of a shoe according to Rebecca Miller

Sustainability according to adidas includes Satta How to extend the life cycle of a shoe according to Rebecca Miller

According to rumours, the collaboration between adidas and Satta, which should have been released last year, but which for reasons connected to Covid has long remained in that limbo of initiatives waiting to be released, may finally be on its way. Recently Satta, a London-based brand that has become famous for its ability to mix workwear-inspired items with references to the natural world, and adidas presented one of the most innovative releases of recent years. Consisting of a pair of adidas New York and a pair of adidas Gazelle reinterpreted in Satta's classic style, the capsule revolves around the desire to transpose iconic models through sustainable materials and upcycling techniques.

«I started the design process by completely disassembling the adidas Gazelle and studying each component, and with the team we then moved on to implement the goal of extending the life cycle of the shoe with multi-functional components such as the heel tab that can be transformed into an incense holder. Another key point was the toggle on the New York, which is usually made of virgin plastic, but in this case we worked with recycled plastic obtained from bottle scraps and ocean trash» - said Rebecca Miller, former footwear designer at adidas Originals and current footwear designer at Clarks Originals. The end result is a hybrid upper made from recycled hemp, cork and wool, recycled cotton lining, with cotton and Abaca fibre laces and a rubber sole that is also recycled. 

adidas' decision to collaborate with Satta stems from the need to create a sustainable product in collaboration with a brand that had already been working in the green fashion sector for some time and therefore had credibility in the industry. Satta was born in 2014 in Brixton, a London suburb, from the idea of founder Joe Lauder: to create a brand that would provide high quality garments whose production process would have zero environmental impact - "Satta creates lifestyle goods for mind & body which invite ritual and simplicity into our daily lives", says the motto. Since their first collection in 2014, which included t-shirts with hand-drawn graphics, their designs have evolved organically focusing on concepts such as utility, simplicity and comfort. So when the top management found themselves needing to select a partner to help them in a transition towards sustainability, the choice fell on Satta with a clear objective from the start: to create a sustainable shoe for the average consumer. The path taken was to proceed with the use of materials from nature, an initiative that led to the now famous 'made with nature' narrative that is now an integral part of adidas' present and future.