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Yeezy Gap hoodies are conquering the resell market

The Kanye effect has also hit the American brand

Yeezy Gap hoodies are conquering the resell market The Kanye effect has also hit the American brand

Despite lukewarm reviews a few weeks ago, it seems that success for the hoodies part of the Gap-Yeezy collab has finally arrived. On StockX, the hoodies are on sale for almost double the retail price, with larger sizes such as XL and XXL among the most sought-after by shoppers on the resell site as a response to the "controversy" over the overly cropped fit seen in early reviews of the hoodies that arrived online. According to StockX senior economist Jesse Einhorn telling BoF, the Yeezy x Gap hoodies are currently selling as well as the Yeezy 350, one of the most popular silhouettes from the collab between Ye and adidas.

While some of the colourways have doubled in price from the retail price of $90, the black version is on sale for between €409 for the M size and €1,200 for the XXL. This growth is due above all to the scarce availability of the colourway, the only one still undelivered to those who bought it last September during the drop on the Gap website, in what Einhorn sees as a strategy adopted by the American company to increase the hype and demand for the product by making one of the most popular colours the one with the lowest number of pieces available on the market. This idea was partly intended by Sonia Syngal, CEO of Gap. Inc CEO since March 2020, who saw in the drops and pre-orders a victory for the younger generations that have approached the brand thanks to the collaboration with Yeezy.

The real question remains, however, how Kanye West's brand will manage to lift the Gap in the long run, when the hype for the first hoodies or jackets will fade as it often does in the streetwear world. The ten-year agreement between the two parties envisages a continuous line that will sooner or later have to break away from the mechanics of sudden drops to embrace the idea of an always-available collection and reverse the trend of Gap, as happened in recent years with Crocs, which went from being a brand forgotten by a large section of the market to one of the most sought-after thanks to some successful collabs.