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Kim Kardashian is the main actress of the Balenciaga's reality-fashion vision

Kim's role in the new cultural metaverse of Demna Gvasalia's brand

Kim Kardashian is the main actress of the Balenciaga's reality-fashion vision Kim's role in the new cultural metaverse of Demna Gvasalia's brand

Tomorrow night, the famous Saturday Night Live will return to American screens with a new season and especially with the guest starring of Kim Kardashian. For the entire week the influencer and reality star appeared in New York for the rehearsals of the show wearing almost only Balenciaga's total looks entering and leaving the studios. Not only that: the Balenciaga total look worn by Kardashian in the promotional shooting of the episode suggests that Demna Gvasalia's brand will continue to dress her for the entire episode, just as it has already dressed her for Donda's third listening party, for the Met Gala and for Jeff Leatham's birthday, for her appearance at the Ellen Degeneres show – and this just to name a few occasions,  including the appearance in the short film The Simpsons created in collaboration with Balenciaga. In short, the relationship between Kim and Demna seems to be that of a muse with her artist.

Discussing this report and the new episode of Saturday Night Live @hftgroup wrote that the episode could be «a continuation of the hyper-real universe her and Kanye West have been creating with Demna Gvasalia». It is no coincidence that SNL is a satirical show divided into several curtains that tells through the lens of parody the zeitgeist of American culture – the same type of parody that for Gvasalia is an essential narrative tool to tell the story of today's society through its distortions and paradoxes. The Simpsons special screened in Paris was a parody, just as the concept of the red carpet becoming a fashion show was a parody of celebrity culture. In this parody that fashion makes of itself, however, Kim Kardashian has a primary role: with her 257 million followers on Instagram, her hundreds of collaborations, her status as a celebrity "famous for being famous", Kim is so hyper-recognizable that she is also recognized as completely masked. And in fact Demna covered her face during appearances at Donda's listening party, the Met Gala, and even her appearance in the Simpsons special. As he wrote Business of Fashion:

« Gvasalia’s decision to hide Kardashian’s face and cover her in black reduced her to a silhouette, a name, a signifier waiting to be activated — highlighting her role as one of the most powerful marketing vessels in modern American fashion. The move was a coup. By covering her up, Gvasalia drew even more attention to one of the world’s most famous women and, by extension, Balenciaga.».

Expanding the brand's mythology to Couture, red carpet, video games, cartoons and, now, SNL, and making Kim Kardashian her unofficial muse, what Gvasalia seems to want to create is a kind of media metaverse in which reality and fiction mirror each other and mix by parodying on the one hand the conventions of celebrity culture and enhancing them on the other,  in a version, however, elevated by its own concepts. What Demna and Kim are doing, in short, is to create a new culture in which, according to mechanisms borrowed partly from pop-art, the popular icons of old and new mass media become material of creative and artistic experimentation, expanding the explicit and implicit meanings of those same icons but at the same time creating a new holistic and transversal way of creating fashion and,  therefore, culture.