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What are James Bond's favorite brands?

Apparently 007 loves shopping at Tom Ford's

What are James Bond's favorite brands? Apparently 007 loves shopping at Tom Ford's

At 59 years old, the James Bond franchise is the second longest in film history, surpassed by only a few years by Godzilla. Over the course of his 26 films, James Bond has evolved through eras and changing appearance many times but if there is one thing that has not changed too much it is his style. An integral part of the Bond franchise, in addition to the over-the-top villains and the beautiful women conquered in the various missions, are the very expensive tastes of the secret agent. Luxury, in fact, has always been part of Bond's mythology – 007's aspirational appeal lies for the most part there, in his impeccable suits, his Martini cocktails, his cars. And if even the characters around him reflect this ideal of luxury (three examples above all: the Versace jacket worn by Halle Berry in Die Another Day, the Prada dress by Olga Kurylenko in Quantum of Solace and the vintage Gucci bag by Britt Ekland in The Man with the Golden Gun of '74) the only and true interpreter of this aspirationality is James Bond, idealized alter ego of the viewer and driving force of every story.

Without wanting to analyze bond's style over all 59 of his existence, also because there are literal books dedicated to the subject, we wanted to list below the favorite brands of 007 during his most recent era, that of Daniel Craig started in 2006 and ended in 2021 with the release of No Time To Die.

Tom Ford, Brioni & Cucinelli

James Bond is perhaps the action hero who demonstrated to the whole world how saving the world in a suit and tie is not only possible but also advisable. In the last four films of the saga, starting with Quantum of Solace, to dress the agent 007 was Tom Ford who collaborated from time to time with the costume designers of the franchise to provide the secret agent with his impeccable suits. However, there were exceptions to the dress code dictated by Ford: in Casino Royale, for example, Daniel Craig wears Brioni clothes according to the tradition inaugurated by Pierce Brosnan; in the recent Spectre, instead, Bond wears a Brunello Cucinelli suit while in Skyfall they make their appearance of the pants of Acne Studios, a leather jacket by Levi's Vintage Clothing. In No Time To Die, on the other hand, a beige suit by Massimo Alba appears.

Strictly English shoes and a couple of Converse 

If Bond's suits are Italian and American, his shoes are strictly British. Many of the leather boots and lace-ups that 007 combines its suits were produced by Crockett & Jones, an English brand born in 1879 – a very sensible choice as historically the brand has signed the boots of the British army in the same years in which Ian Fleming was part of the Navy, collecting inspiration to invent the character. Another historic English brand seen in Casino Royale is John Lobb. On vacation, however, Bond also allows himself some comfort: if in the initial chase of Casino Royale in Madagascar appear chocolate-colored Converse Jack Purcell OTR; in Skyfall the adidas Gazelle 2 make a very brief appearance. Another brand on which Bond has recently returned for his winter boots is Danner who has also signed a collaboration with the franchise

Omega Seamaster all over the place

Bond's taste is expressed above all through his infallible eye for watches, which has always been one of 007's cult accessories. The very first watch worn by Connery in the 60s was a Rolex Submariner but starting from the pierce Brosnan era, which began with Goldeneye in '95, Bond wears Omega exclusively. The favorite model of the current Bond would seem to be the classic Seamaster – certainly useful considering the frequency in which the secret agent ends up underwater during his missions.

Tom Ford in the city, Persol at the beach, Perreira in the mountains

Apparently one of Bond's quirks is pairing suit and sunglasses. So the glasses seen Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre specifically are all Tom Ford. For Casino Royale, however, 007 preferred Persol with two different models of the historic brand that appear in the film. Recently, however, his tastes have evolved and both in Spectre and in No Time To Die appear the French glasses of Vuarnet but above all those of the independent brand Barton Perreira, born in Los Angeles in 2007.

Don't touch his Aston Martin

James Bond probably wouldn't be alive without his super-equipped cars. Over the course of Craig's films, there are four Aston Martins, almost one per film, in Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time To Die. Specifically, the Aston Martin DB10 seen in Spectre was created for the film in ten copies, eight were used in filming and probably reduced to sheet metal, the remaining two survived as show cars. Over the course of the films, however, Craig's Bond also drives two Land Rovers, two Jaguars, a Mercedes-Benz S 300 and a Volvo S40 T5