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Golden Goose's new Milanese retail concept

Named Golden TV, the brand's new space brings the shopping experience into phygital

Golden Goose's new Milanese retail concept Named Golden TV, the brand's new space brings the shopping experience into phygital

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Golden Goose has inaugurated in Via Verri, Milan, an innovative retail concept called Golden TV: a space that combines the analog experience of shopping with technology and digital and that combines the brand's Ready-to-Wear collections with new product categories. Golden TV wants to transform shopping into a phygital experience, through which visitors to the store can totally immerse themselves both in the history of the brand and in the artisan customization of their items thanks to the use of digital technology and the presence of the brand's Sneaker Makers. Golden Goose CEO Silvio Campara explained:

«You can buy and customize everything anywhere, but only in Golden Goose you can customize anywhere giving your creative contribution».

With an area of about 465 square meters, the store is spread over two levels. Upon entering there is a large LED wall that transmits a video that traces the history of the brand, while a sequence of bright writings that flow along the windows tell what happens inside the store. On the ground floor there is the LAB where visitors can customize their products. One of the walls is covered by the Distress Machines, which symbolize the artisanal finishing processes of sneakers. The ceiling is studded with sneakers – also a reference to the original idea of the founders of the brand to leave the shoes in the sun to give the sole its yellow color. In the LAB visitors will be able to admire special items created exclusively for the store, as well as a unique collection of six hand-decorated Made-To-Order leather jackets, whose creation process is written in the inner lining of each jacket, but also told in a video projected in the Golden Room, covered in golden sheet metal and dedicated to the brand's accessories. In the Concrete Room, instead, decorated with rough concrete walls and mirrored metal displays, the latest Golden Goose novelties are presented, which include clothing collections, but also perfumes, jewelry and glasses. In the basement, on the other hand, there is a futuristic atmosphere in which the recently introduced Star Collection is presented, as well as sneakers and accessories. In the Sneakers Master workshop, on the other hand, it is a space inspired by traditional shops and is dedicated to the Super-Star Archive to the brand's iconic Texan boots.

The experience becomes phygital through the Dream Wall, an interactive station equipped with a 98-inch screen, and which provides customers with a sort of white canvas on which to digitally design their personalized items, choosing between decorations and manual writings, which are then made by the Golden Goose Sneaker Makers on site with the possibility of receiving an ad-hoc video of the co-creation experience and receiving it directly on your device. The brand has also installed in the store the recording station Your Story, Our Story equipped with an LED screen as a background, where visitors can record their videos and share them on social media.