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5 things to know about Supreme's FW21 collection

From the parody of Barilla pasta to the return of crazy gadgets

5 things to know about Supreme's FW21 collection From the parody of Barilla pasta to the return of crazy gadgets

With the acquisition by VF Corp and the ultimate victory over legal fakes, the creativity that powers Supreme has seen a new impetus. The brand began to expand silently in the luxury market, opening for example a location in London's Dover Street Market, but also returning to the glorious days of its over-the-top collaborations, such as that of the New York Underground, which saw a train become a literal Box Logo on rails. But the brand has really surpassed itself with the new FW21 collection, whose global drop has been set for next August 19, and which includes a very rich catalog of products in which you can read, between the lines, the evolution experienced by the brand.

To take a closer look at all the details and references, here are the 5 things to know about Supreme's FW21 collection.

1. The approach to the luxury market

While remaining in the spirit of a streetwear brand, Supreme has always collaborated with the great protagonists of the fashion world. This season, however, especially in the outerwear category, some of the items presented have a distinct luxury imprint that, together with the recent opening of a corner dedicated to Supreme in the Dover Street Market in London, suggests a slow but progressive expansion of the brand towards higher market segments. The product in question is an alpaca wool coat co-signed together with Loro Piana and present in two colorways – but there is no shortage of worked leather jackets with satin interiors and collaborations with Schott, which include a calfskin puffer jacket and a Perfecto decorated with a graphic from the famous film The Crow

2. New York & nostalgia

The authenticity and the link with New York, the brand's hometown, are the inalienable figures of Supreme's DNA. A love for the Big Apple and its street culture that in this collection has emerged again through three pieces of outerwear: the first is a Puffer Jacket covered with an all-over print of the young New York skaters gathered in Lafayette Street, location of the first historic Supreme store; the second is a Shell Jacket decorated with the faces of two of the most important rappers of the New York scene, Nas and DMX; the third is a parka decorated with the symbols of the New York Yankees. But there are also t-shirts that reproduce the New York skyline and the graffiti of its subways.

3. The artistic collaboration

Supreme is not only pop culture but also a link with the world of art and design. This season there are three main artistic personalities whose face or works appear on the brand's garments: the first is the legendary music producer of Columbia Records, Rick Rubin, who becomes the protagonist of a t-shirt; the second is the Japanese surrealist illustrator Tadanori Yokoo, famous for his posters designed for the Beatles, Cat Stevens and Santana; the third is Christopher Wool, whose untitled works decorate work jackets and jeans. But there is also a series of porcelain trays and dresses decorated with lady pink artwork.

4. The crazy gadgets

Ping-pong tables, Gundam robots, Hästens Maranga beds, Carrera ski goggles, Skittles chocolates, saws and crystal boxes, a log of firewood, a megaphone, a ream of letterhead, balaclava, portable printers, a Swiss army knife. The gadgets that the brand is preparing to launch are perhaps among the most eclectic and bizarre that have ever been seen – and they are already an absolute cult.

5. The t-shirts with the parodies of Barilla and Shrek

Obviously, after the gadgets out of mind, the t-shirts could not be missing: two in particular caught our attention. The first reproduces the packaging of a pack of Barilla spaghetti, and is called Spaghetti Tee; while the second, already destined to obtain a huge success with the public on the wave of fashion-trolling, reproduces the name of the brand with the letters used for the title of Shrek.