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The hidden meaning behind Zara labels

Aka how to find always the perfect size

The hidden meaning behind Zara labels Aka how to find always the perfect size

Shopping at Zara - as in many other fast fashion brands, to be honest - has become a lottery. Not because we are forced to buy in the dark, despite the growing irony on the images chosen by Zara for its e-commerce, where saying that the clothes are in the background would be an understatement, but because the sizing system is totally off. Or rather, it depends on the collection, on the item and on the Zara line, so sometimes you need an M while others an XL. 

As several TikTok videos are telling in these hours, however, there would be an effective way to understand every time how to find the perfect size of an item: by looking at the label. On the classic rectangular black labels found inside the Zara pieces, in fact, in addition to the brand logo, and the sizes according to the different countries, you can find three different symbols: a square, a triangle, a circle, and it's good to know the meaning of all. 

The circle would indicate that the item runs big, and it would therefore be better to get a size smaller. The triangle, on the other hand, would indicate that the item runs small, and it will therefore better to think about trying on a larger size as well. Finally, the square would indicate that the piece is true to size. Incredible, right? According to those who work at Zara, though, all these theories are actually not true, as the symbols have nothing to do with sizes, as they refer only to the collection the item belongs to. The triangle is the symbol of the Trafaluc collection, the circle of the Basic collection, and finally, the square is the symbol of the womenswear collection. 


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It will be definitely a system to take into account in case you decide to go to the store to take a look at the clothes on sale, while for online shopping Zara doesn't provide these photos and this information, so arm yourself with a tape measure, and of patience.