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What was Kim Kardashian doing in Rome?

Between a bad cacio e pepe and a ride on an electric scooter

What was Kim Kardashian doing in Rome? Between a bad cacio e pepe and a ride on an electric scooter

A bit of a business trip and a bit of a hyperactive tourist, over the last week Kim Kardashian has given her fans a dense collection of shots directly from her Roman vacation. Between the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and a more than a questionable plate of pasta, the former Mrs West landed in the capital together with her usual handful of companions, letting us easily guess that behind the pleasure trip there was actually a much more important reason. 

Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who through his stories has immortalized Kim in the company of Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta and other supermodels, but above all the creative director of Fendi womenswear Kim Jones. Fendi was precisely the reason for Kim Kardashian's trip, in particular the making of the fashion film of the haute couture autumn winter 2021/2022 collection which will be shown on July 8th at Paris Fashion Week. A novelty for Kim Kardashian, who in her career has taken part in very few campaigns for luxury brands (above all the Balmain one in the company of Kanye), and which obviously had to be celebrated in the best way. So, while in the States the charm of Italy is back in fashion thanks to Luca's success, Kim has worked hard to give us a photo album made of clumsy stereotypes and moments of very little spontaneity.

At the Trevi Fountain, an all-tortoiseshell KKW let herself be immortalized while eating an unidentified plate of pasta, the one that looks like a plate of spaghetti in white but that part of me fears could be a bad version of a Cacio e Pepe. Not only local cuisine for Kim, who during her night visit to Piazza di Spagna did not miss the opportunity to take a ride on an electric scooter, a typically Roman attraction that moves millions of tourists every year. In her visit to the Vatican Museums, she wanted to reassure us about the respect for the dress code required at the entrance, while an empty Colosseum in a clean and immaculate Rome welcomed her during her afternoon walk. Beyond the professional commitment and the image of a postcard Rome, what scares Kim's trip is the surgical precision with which each step has been immortalized and told in full respect of a coordinated image.