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The men's crop top according to Fendi

The classic men's suit turned into a fluid and ironic half suit

The men's crop top according to Fendi The classic men's suit turned into a fluid and ironic half suit

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the brand's headquarters in the heart of Rome since 2015, is the location chosen by Fendi to present its latest collection, dedicated to the SS22 season. "In a moment where our freedom has seemed to have limits, I think it's also the moment to push it… so I really wanted to give a sense of freedom to this man. I think it's time to break boundaries" said Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director of the Maison, to Vogue. A desire for freedom that can be seen in the silhouettes of the pieces, soft, enveloping, relaxed; in the colours, soft and delicate, inspired by the shades of the Roman sky; to accessories and utilitarian details, which with an ironic and over-the-top touch try to maximize comfort; and above all in a new reinterpretation of the men's suit, which becomes contemporary and fluid thanks to a clean-cut in jackets and shirts that leave the chest and abs uncovered (which don't have to be sculpted). 

Thus, Fendi brings the half suit to the catwalk, a tailored suit consisting of classic trousers, short shorts, and a jacket cut neatly in the middle of the torso, giving a completely new twist to a staple of the male wardrobe. Fendi has played a lot with proportions, including baby tees, organza jackets and chains to wear around the waist, providing an example of New Masculinity that has been both appreciated and criticized. Diet Prada, for example, didn't miss the chance to underline the similarities with a look by Bruno, the character of Sacha Baron Cohen, ignoring instead the reference to the artist Pippa Garner, who forty years ago made the half suit famous by unhinging the classics aesthetic codes of men's clothing.

Fendi, therefore, restarts from the half suit to provide a new, ironic and irreverent interpretation of what men's clothing will be for next season.