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5 tips from Marina Spadafora for a sustainable wardrobe

We asked Marina Spadafora, designer, teacher and activist

5 tips from Marina Spadafora for a sustainable wardrobe  We asked Marina Spadafora, designer, teacher and activist

When we talk about sustainable fashion, we always tend to think that the topic concerns brands, designers and large industrial productions. But the truth is that the only path to sustainability in fashion must start from the bottom up, from the final consumer. Only end consumers, all together, have the strength to inspire change – a phenomenon that is already partly taking place, but which in reality requires continuous efforts. To make fashion sustainable starting from your wardrobe, it takes little: already by changing our mindset and our purchasing habits it will be possible to achieve your goal. 

And that's why, to understand how to actually make your wardrobe more sustainable, nss magazine asked Marina Spadafora, designer, teacher, activist and co-author of the book The Revolution Starts from Your Wardrobe.

Inform yourself before making a purchase

«Every time we spend, we vote for the world we want». Buying clothes from responsible fashion brands, or making sure they are composed of organic or recycled materials is the key to promoting the change from the bottom necessary to the evolution of fashion towards sustainability. In this sense, it is essential to use sites such as Renoon and Good On You – an online index (but also a phone app) that compiles a ranking of fashion brands based on the sustainability of their practices. 

Buy vintage

Vintage today is much more than just a vezzo. The vintage fashion market expands and branches more and more every day. Beyond the famous markets and trusted shops that each city owns, one of the greatest expressions of modern vintage are American boutiques such as Silver League or Middleman Store – the latter also frequented by stars such as Lil Uzi Vert and Playboy Carti – able to satisfy even the tastes of specialists and lovers of rare items. Buying vintage means not only saving money, but also giving a second life to a garment and is perhaps the most sustainable way (in every sense) to give yourself to unbridled shopping.

Repair your clothes and make them last a long time

The fast fashion model is built on the idea of disposability, that is, that of disposable dress. But it is a vicious circle: the poor quality of the animals leads them to damage themselves earlier, their excessive availability leads consumers to buy new ones rather than to repair the old ones. But the truth is that in every city there are tailoring shops where any tearing, damage or discoloration can be erased. To use the same words that Marina Spadafora used during her interview with nss magazine: «The worst crime is throwing clothes away».

Rent your clothes

Although the idea of renting a dress sounds strange to Italian ears, fashion rental services are often a perfect solution for big occasions. Buying a mediocre dress that will be worn once a year when you can rent one at a much lower price is a bad investment for both the environment and the bank account. 

Buy less but better

In addition to sustainability, we are talking about strategy here. Considered as hundreds of brands today produce quality basics, the ideal for anyone who wants to elevate their outfit is to invest in a statement piece – a single item that, bought once, will last for years and years. Buying less means not only saving, but also contributing to the slowdown in consumerism and industrial overproduction.