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The new Slam Jam x CCCP - Fedeli alla linea capsule collection

Inspired by the most important band of Italian punk

The new  Slam Jam x CCCP - Fedeli alla linea capsule collection Inspired by the most important band of Italian punk

Italian punk rock has a rich and varied history that finds its maximum expression in the music of the group CCCP - Fedeli alla linea. In the 1980s, dominated by melodic music and pop, the break-in on the scene of CCCP - Fedeli alla linea  was an epochal moment that did not know equal in terms of underground culture. Their motto, "Produci Consuma Crepa" had the effect of lashing out at the lukewarm musical culture of those years – on whose landscape only Franco Battiato stood as an authentic experimenter. The one of CCCP - Fedeli alla linea  is an underground cultural heritage in the true sense of the term, but now will find a new life in the official capsule collection Slam Jam x CCCP - Fedeli alla linea.

CCCP  Fedeli Alla Linea and Slam Jam seem very distant, but they are not. First of all, both of them were Emilian realities: they were the members of the punk band and Ferrara Luca Benini, father of the company since 1989. To join them, ideally, the vision of a heterodox and breaking aesthetic, charged with the electricity of youth, but also the love for their music by Benini, who in 1983 witnessed their own performance. A link then deepened last year, after a meeting between Benini and Annarella Giudici, singer of the group, during an exhibition on artistic experimentation of the 80s, and realized in an extensive capsule of apparel that recovers all the imagination of CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea.

The capsule consists of three t-shirts with the most impactful phrases and images of the group ("Produci Consuma Crepa", the iconic pro-Soviet logo and the cover of their EP Ortodossia, from 1986, with on their back the three titles that composed it - "Live in Pankow", "Spara Jurij", "Punk Islam"), military green, black and white respectively. Two black hoodies, one logated and the other decorated with patches and nanny pins, as well as on the washed effect field jacket. A military cap, made of black felt with the coat of arms of  CCCP - Fedeli alla linea, metal badges, and a tote bag complete the collection. The collection will be introduced by a series of images shot by London artist Joshua Gordon, and a musical selection courtesy of the band curated by the Italian artist Caterina Barbieri, available on slam Jam's Long Format Audio Archive platform.

The Slam Jam x CCCP - Fedeli alla linea capsule will be available from September 26th both in store and online on the official Slam Jam website.