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Who is the winner of the 2022-23 edition of Wool4School

Virginia Gadda told us about her passion for safari style and sustainability

Who is the winner of the 2022-23 edition of Wool4School Virginia Gadda told us about her passion for safari style and sustainability

This year's edition of Wool4school Italia, an annual fashion and design competition for emerging young designers created to promote the use of wool and encourage students to think innovatively and responsibly, has also come to an end. Originally launched in Australia, headquarters of The Woolmark Company, in 2012 and then gradually extended to Hong Kong and the UK, the contest arrived in Italy in 2018, finding huge success and involving, to date, more than 150,000 students worldwide. Participants were challenged to explore the highly topical issue of sustainability by designing a garment or outfit made of at least 70% Merino wool. The overall winner of the 2022-2023 edition was Virginia Gadda, student at ISIS Antonio Bernocchi in Legnano, thanks to «a safari-style outfit characterized by comfortable and soft lines, wide trousers with large side pockets, fabric belts and oversize shirts, inspired by the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, who made the trend a charmant symbol synonymous with travel and adventure.»

@nssmagazine Abbiamo incontrato Virginia Gadda, vincitrice del premio Wool4School 2022-23 di @thewoolmarkcompany che ci ha parlato del suo progetto a tema safari in lana merino. #wool4school #safari #wool #lana #contest #winner #moda #fashion original sound - nss magazine

For Valeria, the safari inspiration was translated into a wide jumpsuit with button closure and belt, suitable for both the desert and the city, thanks to the introduction of the Wool Denim fabric, which transforms the garment into a modern and versatile piece. The final recipient of the outfit was Céline S. Cousteau, a documentary film director, producer and explorer, public speaker and rapporteur at the United Nations in New York, and «an experienced explorer who has embarked on incredible journeys to tell the story of our planet and raise awareness of environmental issues. For this occasion, I imagined her differently: She explores the urban jungle, an environment that is closer and more familiar to us, but just as rich in mystery and beauty. The outfit is designed to best express her strong personality.» The look is rounded off with a bonnet with a fixed peak that can be fastened with a zip and a pocket with snap hooks that allow the accessory to be attached and detached from the garment itself. However, the shoes deserve a special mention. Designed for hiking, they are made of 80% Australian merino wool, which has been processed in an innovative way thanks to the TechLoom upper with elastic release patented by APL, transforming them from trainers into a sporty calf-length boot that closes at the front with a zip.

«From the beginning, I have seen competition as a personal challenge, a way to put myself on the line and find out how far I can go. My desire to become better and better and my great passion spurred me to overcome the limits I had imposed on myself because I did not believe in my own abilities» said Virginia, who will soon start a two-week internship at Slam Jam, Wool4School's partner, to find out if this prize has helped her find her true calling.