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Uniqlo celebrates its first year in Milan

With a series of events, workshops and exclusive capsule collections

Uniqlo celebrates its first year in Milan  With a series of events, workshops and exclusive capsule collections

After the announcement of a new Jil Sander-designed capsule collection, Uniqlo is now getting ready to celebrate the first anniversary of its Milan store. The celebration of this first important milestone is connected on the one hand to the desire to pay homage to the city that has so warmly welcomed the Japanese brand, especially after these last difficult months, contributing to the recovery of small local businesses, while on the other the anniversary will be an opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture. Uniqlo will be the host of a series of events that will see the blending of Japanese tradition and Milanese lifestyle. 

Celebrations will begin on Tuesday, September 15 with a traditional Japanese dance show - Nihon Buyō - in front of the store in Piazza Cordusio. In the inner courtyard, on the other hand, the Flower Market will be set up in collaboration with Blooming Milano, while on the first-floor customers will have the chance to see the new installation dedicated to the UT Basquiat line. On this occasion, one of Uniqlo's most popular products, Cashmere, will be available in 50 exclusive colours. From September 21 it will also be possible to learn the secrets of exclusive seamless winter garments thanks to the 3D Knit Machine that will be exhibited in the store. Four local artists - Stefano Colferai, Tomoko Nagao, Erasmo Ciufo and Uros Mihic - have created a UT collection revisiting the concept of LifeWear. The T-shirts will not be for sale but can be won by registering here. The same artists will also be the protagonists of a series of workshops open to the public, which will begin on September 18. It will be possible to book events on Facebook while the complete calendar is available here. Finally, two exceptional partners of Uniqlo, the perfect embodiment of the Milanese spirit and Japanese tradition, meet for an exclusive creation. Fabio Buonocore, illustrator and graphic designer, and Gastronomia Yamamoto have created a limited-edition T-shirt that will be sold at Gastronomia Yamamoto and whose proceeds will be donated to those realities that have been most affected by the pandemic. 

Uniqlo was one of the most anticipated openings of last year, the definitive acknowledgement of Milan's importance and role within the global fashion industry. Celebrating this first birthday is a symbolic moment for Milan, which, like last year, saw the opening of the Uniqlo store as the beginning of a new chapter. 12 months later the city tries to rise again in this unique unprecedented reality. The success of Uniqlo, on the other hand, has been further strengthened by the last few months, which have redefined priorities and restored value to what is essential. The philosophy of the brand, and in particular the LifeWear concept, devoted to essential and long-lasting items, are therefore the best way to leave these months behind, starting from the wardrobe to writing a new future.