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Sex Education becomes a streetwear collection by Pull&Bear

The iconic images of the Netflix series are the protagonists of a new capsule

Sex Education becomes a streetwear collection by Pull&Bear The iconic images of the Netflix series are the protagonists of a new capsule
"Mouths" Sweatshirt

Within Netflix's huge catalog there are series that you may or may not like, but Sex Education is undoubtedly the one that puts everyone in agreement. Thanks to its vintage-flavored aesthetic, the themes it tackles under its appearance of a normal teen comedy and the fun adventures of the cast led by Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield, the British series has conquered the world in just two years and has become one of the cultural icons of the sex positivity for the Gen Z. The plot of the series revolves around the three characters of Otis, Eric and Maeve who open in their own high school a sex therapy service for their peers dispensing advice on the most embarrassing problems and in the meantime trying to navigate through the obstacles and difficulties of teenage love. It is the irreverent and liberating spirit of the series that is the leitmotif to the new Pull&Bear x Sex Education collection that uses the most famous phrases of the characters and graphics inspired by the scenes of the series to decorate hoodies, t-shirts, pants and a range of accessories.

Beyond the script and brilliant dialogue, Sex Education was able to attract the public's attention thanks to its unique aesthetic - which plays a leading role in defining the identity of the series. Each character is distinct from their own personal style: there is Maeve's grunge style, all shorts and leather nails; the somewhat naive and childish one of Otis, full of jackets and striped T-shirts reminiscent of certain 70s looks; Eric's colorful and 80s style and vintage looks by Dr. Jean, Otis' mother. A kind of space-time ambiguity dominates the series: character accents come from disparate regions, set furniture seems to have come from an Ikea catalogue from the 80s, Moordale High is a more American school than English and has no uniform, there are smartphones and computers but cars, hairdos and clothes seem to have come from many decades ago - although thematic , used slang and situations are instead of absolute (and often burning) modernity. 

Although all the protagonists of the series appear on the garments of the collection, the protagonist is undoubtedly the anti-heroine Maeve Wiley, the anarchist pupil of Moordale High, the scene of the events of the series – whose logo also appears to decorate various items of the collection and, above all, sports pants with gray lapels of the women's collection. Maeve's dominance within the graphics of the collection (and especially on a long-sleeve decorated with her name) then coincides perfectly with the spirit of the series, all focused on the concept of youth community and especially female one. In this sense, one of the best t-shirts is the one that reproduces a scene from the finale of the second season, with the entire female cast enclosed in a frame and with the phrase "We're all getting the bus" - one of the most important quotes of the entire series.

"Mouths" Sweatshirt

The rest of the collection includes a range of t-shirts and hoodies dedicated to fans of the series with the ensemble photos of the cast like the "Otis & Maeve" sweatshirt or the t-shirt with Maeve and Aimee, shots taken from the most beautiful episodes and also completely original graphics such as the "Boring" graphic that appears on one of the sweatshirts. The most interesting tee is the white long-sleeve in which a detail of Maeve and Jackson's kiss scene is reproduced in a pop-art style - an artwork that appears also on a black hoodie. Among the accessories, however, should be noted a remarkable pair of white sponge socks with the inscription "Free Sex Advice" but with the first two words in bright red and the last, less visible, in pink – a pungent interpretation of the mindful but always spicy humor of Sex Education. The rest of the accessories also include caps, bucket hats, patches to decorate clothes, shopping bags and even a mobile phone cover.

The Sex Education x Pull&Bear collection will be available in selected Pull&Bear stores and on from today.