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"Bliss, Without Tension": Interview With Enrico, Founder of Est Clothing

The multi-platform project of EST CLOTHING: shop, newsstand and a club

Bliss, Without Tension: Interview With Enrico, Founder of Est Clothing The multi-platform project of EST CLOTHING: shop, newsstand and a club

It's no secret that in this time of emergency many industries are suffering from the consequences of COVID-19. There are a lot of them that still don't know how they're going to survive the pandemic. The fashion industry is one the most afflicted by Coronavirus, especially when it comes to emerging brands: to front the situation, those brands are studying new ways to adapt and rise from the crisis with new initiatives and projects.

Est clothing is one of them: its founder Enrico is a young entrepreneur who's experimenting many creative and original solutions to survive these hard times and be ready to face the so-long waited "second phase". nss magazine "virtually" met him to discuss the new possibilities of his store and of fashion.


"EST" is for...

EST can mean many thins, as: “Essere Sempre True” ("Be Always True"), a basic condition for the human being; “Estasi, Sana Tensione” ("Bliss, Without Tension"), a way to describe an emotion; then my favorite, “Estraniarsi Senza Telefono” (Estrangement Without Smartphone"), which is what happens when we're surrounded by nature.

What's the hallmark of Est?

We're trying to recreate an atmosphere that crosses every project we're focusing on, along the collections. Est communicates with many, yet specific languages and forms. My idea is that of communicating using three different spaces: the shop, both physical and online; the newsstand, that includes Est radio (a web radio by Est) and Est comics (a comics project); then the club, where every customer of Est can go dancing and partying every Friday night.

Why did you feel the hurry of recreate an entire world around Est?

In this particular moment, the landscape is overpopulated by "meteor brands" and merchandising by anyone, whether they are artists, YouTubers, TikTokers and  bakers. The only possibility to be noticed is to create something in which clients can see their reflection. This is the idea where it all started: newsstand, shop and club. This vision lets our customers (we call them the “cool kids”) to have strong, real reference points and to feel like they're part of something that is happening in the making.

As an emerging brand, how are you surviving this crisis?

It's complicated. The rules are completely changed: clothing is not a primary commodity and in a time of emergency it's normal that it goes on the background. I've spent one entire week thinking of a solution, then I decided to start a podcast: I go on air every week, two times a week. It turns out that it was a good idea. I don't like Instagram Lives, I almost fear them, while I enjoy listening podcasts with my eyes closed: it's a great feeling that I hope everyone could try.

Do you have any projects post-COVID-19?

We have a few tricks up our sleeves, that we weren't able to play due to the lockdown. I'm sure that we'll have time to play them. In particular, there is one project called Cool Kids Club. My idea is to assemble a specific kit: anyone who buy it would be entering "the club" and having some privileges, as the fast track for parties at Circle, first place at workshops, early drops and some discounts on beer at Millino, the cocktail bar we have inside the store.

If you'd have a magic wand, what would you hope for Est?

The state of grace we had back in 2019.

If you'd have a time machine, what would you change?

I missed the opportunity to live as a student abroad, in any other city that was not Milan. It wouldn't matter if it was Venezia, Gioia Tauro or Santa Barbara.

What's your advice for all the young entrepreneurs out there?

Don't be too loyal to yourself: reality is always -changing, don't miss the chance to be inspired by your self-confidence and your personal aesthetic.