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What do quarantined Italians buy?

According to Lyst's report, Italy has a penchant for logo t-shirts

What do quarantined Italians buy? According to Lyst's report, Italy has a penchant for logo t-shirts

Quarantine is a seemingly static but actually quite stressful situation. Everyone tries to alleviate the discomfort as they can: there are those who throw themselves on the workouts at home, those on the kitchen and those, instead, on online shopping. As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world, changing consumer habits, the fashion world's largest search engine, Lyst, closely follows e-commerce developments in various countries, including Italy, revealing interesting data on the behavior of one of the states most affected by the health emergency through its constantly updating live reports.

On March 23rd, for example, if the rest of the globe was still looking for sneakers, jackets and trousers and focused on brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga and Stone Island, in Italy they were looking for Etro printed shirts, Versace jewelry and the raffia tote by Dolce & Gabbana. Two days later, however, the research focused on streetwear, mainly on sweatshirts. The most sought after brands by the Italians were Palm Angels, Marcelo Burlon, Off-White™, GCDS, Heron Preston and Balenciaga. With the arrival of April, the trend continued, with a strong interest in the sneakers of Alexander McQueen and Off-White™ while the t-shirts with the heart of Comme des Garon PLAY have become the most sought after item of the week of April 1. Globally, in the same week, Nike became the most sought-after brand in the world, while Gucci's underwear and Ugg slippers were the most popular products.

Last week, however, saw the triumph in Italy of the logo t-shirts as the most sought after product, probably in view of the arrival of the summer season, while overall the hottest media events – the Queen Elizabeth Speech and the Netflix series Tiger King – skyrocketed searches related to the green color of 52%, those of the brooches of 115% and those related to Kenzo products that depicted tigers up to 200%. Searches for large earrings and scarves are also on the rise. 

To learn week-to-week about the shopping trends of quarantined Italians, visit Lyst's "Stay at Home" Searches page, updated regularly with new country-by-country shopping trends.