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Miu Miu is the brand of the year (again)

Thanks also to Gigi Hadid, Troye Sivan, New Balance, and Church's

Miu Miu is the brand of the year (again) Thanks also to Gigi Hadid, Troye Sivan, New Balance, and Church's

Year in Fashion, the eagerly awaited report from Lyst, has arrived punctually this year as well. The 2023 edition, like its predecessors, provides a comprehensive overview of brands, trends, and products that have captured the attention of many in the current year. Above all, the one who has solidified their status is Miu Miu. The appearances of Gigi Hadid and Troye Sivan during Fashion Weeks and collaborations with New Balance and Church's are the key aspects that have made Miu Miu the preferred brand of It Girls and more. But it is primarily the online data that confirms the brand's appeal for the second consecutive year: online searches for Miu Miu increased by 39% in the Q4 quarter. Among the most coveted items is the renowned mohair cardigan, which saw a 12% growth in interest, confirming the success reported by Lyst in Q3.

Miu Miu is not the only protagonist in Lyst's Year in Fashion. LOEWE has also achieved excellent results. According to the report, LOEWE's Anagram emblem is the logo of the year. Seen on many products, but especially on the €350 white tank top, an absolute protagonist of Lyst's Q2, searches have increased by an impressive 132%. Behind LOEWE's success is the quiet luxury aesthetic, one of the most predominant of the past year. Expanding on the topic of LOEWE and quiet luxury, this chart from the Instagram account DATA, BUT MAKE IT FASHION shows that between the end of 2022 and the first four months of 2023, the popularity of this aesthetic increased by 1,230%. But returning to Miu Miu, the brand deserves credit for turning mini-skirts into the trend of the year, giving a significant boost to the Y2K aesthetic. GCDS and Tom Ford are just a few of the brands that have decided to focus on this item made viral by Miu Miu.

On the footwear side, special mention goes to two main players: adidas and Wales Bonner. The collaboration between the two has given an even greater boost to the Samba model. With the latest drop, the number of color variations created by the British designer in collaboration with the German company has reached 6. Thanks to the fame gained by the Samba model, including the success of general releases, adidas may have found its post-Kanye in Wales Bonner. Regarding the footwear sector, ballerina slippers, an accessory that Bottega Veneta and The Row have focused on, saw a 56% increase in searches. As also reported by DATA, BUT MAKE IT FASHION, searches for the term Balletcore increased by 55%. Moving on to celebrities, despite the incredible rise of K-pop artists, Kendall Jenner was the absolute star of the runways. There were no doubts about the couple formed by A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, the fashion couple of 2023. Finally, in the realm of fashion-related "digital phenomena," the Tabi Swiper emerges victorious, allowing Margiela's footwear to achieve a 342% increase in searches. Lyst concludes its list by revealing the name of designer Dilara Findikoglu as the "Brand to Watch."