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Acne Studios' new denim collection

The range includes iconic models and two new unisex jeans

Acne Studios' new denim collection The range includes iconic models and two new unisex jeans

Practical, democratic, versatile, timeless and always cool. Jeans is the most iconic garment that has ever been invented. From Levi's to Evisu, this essential of every wardrobe has continued to evolve while remaining relevant and making history of many brands, including Acne Studios. It was 1997 when Jonny Johansson officially gave birth to Ambition to Create Novel Expressions by creating 100 pairs of jeans with red seams, which he then gave to friends belonging to the creative underground in Stockholm. Although since then the project has grown more and more, becoming synonymous with a Nordic street style, conceptual and no frills, denim has remained a fundamental part of its identity. Every season the Swedish brand adds to iconic new models that, for the SS20 are inspired by the years that characterize them in the name.

For example, the two new unisex jeans: 1991 and 1992. The first pair features a wide leg with a soft and relaxed fit, low horse and button closure; while the second is high-waisted and e-crated. The women's collection also includes the 1994 model, a high-waisted, zip-and-ankle-length skinny jeans that has a rather vintage look and 1993 features a cigarette fit with a very high waist, zip closure and crop length. In addition to the classic 1997, Mece, Climb, Peg and Melk, a selection of denim jackets in oversized, shortened and boxy models completes the offer.

The men's collection presents 2003, a new model with a relaxed fit; 1996 with its high-waisted silhouette with soft and straight leg; but also slim and stretch alternatives like River, Max and North. The proposal includes boxy denim jackets with western traditional details, work shirt and oversized jackets.

All jeans from Acne Studios' SS20 collection are available online on the brand's official website. Stay connected to nss magazine for updates on Acne Studios' upcoming drops.