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For Lacoste, the new luxury is comfort

The world of golf next to that of tennis, in honor of Renè Lacoste and his wife Simone

For Lacoste, the new luxury is comfort The world of golf next to that of tennis, in honor of Renè Lacoste and his wife Simone

In creating her third collection for Lacoste, which went on the catwalk yesterday at the Tennis Club de Paris, creative director Louise Trotter looked back at the brand's founder, Renè Lacoste, and especially his wife, golf champion Simone Thion de la Chaume. Tennis and golf, two different sports united by the same aura of elegance, were the two sources of inspiration on which Trotter worked, recalling with precision and affection the aesthetics of that "golden couple of sport" that made Lacoste the brand that it is today. The iconography of the respective disciplines have been combined together and the entire collection, while possessing a strong couture streak, represents one of the best and most balanced cases of luxury sportswear seen this season and that finds its strength both in the combination of elegance and comfort and in the skilful creation of proprotions, color-blocking and retro patterns.

The retro tennis and golf uniforms that inspired this collection were designed for performance but still remained much more sartorial products than modern sportswear. With a similar idea of combining vintage aesthetics, comfort and a bold sense of chic, Louise Trotter brought sports pants and blazers, brushed pullovers and mohair waistcoats, tennis skirts, silk shirts and double-knit polo shirts with leather inserts , all declined according to a palette of greens, blues, browns, pinks and oranges that is positioned halfway between the style of a 70s country club and a Wes Anderson film. Another focus of the collection is outerwear with trench coats, duvets, car coats and anorak vareuse in which the valuable and the most technical materials are blended. Accessories are almost entirely golf-oriented, with gloves, caddy bags and perforated leather cords, while '80s T-Clip sneakers feature kiltie, a fringe leather panel typical of classic golf shoes.

Louise Trotter's third collection for Lacoste has successfully enhanced the immense richness of the brand's archives, rejuvenating and enlivening an aesthetic that remains true to its original spirit. Stay connected to nss magazine for all updates on Lacoste's news and upcoming releases.