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Diesel wants to sell you a five-million-dollars t-shirt

But if you buy it, you'll get a penthouse in Miami for free

Diesel wants to sell you a five-million-dollars t-shirt But if you buy it, you'll get a penthouse in Miami for free

For Miami Art Basel, Diesel has just put the world's most expensive t-shirts up for sale. Did you think paying 500€ for a t-shirt was too much? The brand's new limited-edition t-shirt capsule ranges from half a million to five million dollars per piece. The name of the campaign could not be clearer: "The Most Expensive T-Shirt Ever". But if you buy a t-shirt, you're also going to buy an apartment in the Diesel condominium in Wynwood, Miami. The line includes only 143 t-shirts, one per apartment for sale, on each one is printed the floor plan of the apartment to which it corresponds. The official presentation will take place today December 3rd at Art Basel while from tomorrow you can visit the houses at the Diesel Wynwood Condominium in Miami.

Diesel's new condo, designed by Zyschovich Architects, could be defined as the most bizarre collaboration of the year. The Italian brand has entered the real estate market in partnership with the Bel-Invest real estate group and has purchased a high-design residence that blends post-industrial aesthetics with proximity to nature and is located in the most exciting and cosmopolitan Miami neighborhood, Wynwood. Cement, metal and plant elements are the protagonists of this luxury residence, which includes thirteen duplex penthouses and a series of dépendances with private terrace. A tropical garden, swimming pool, gym, meditation room, meeting room and open-plan lobby with an art gallery are also part of the living project. In addition, the apartments have different shades depending on their exposure and the futuristic setting is augmented by the light installations and reflective surfaces in the hallways and lounges.

Diesel is a brand that has made provocation its signature. The same concept with which it was founded – the new denim made to "age" artfully – is imbued with irony. And his promotional campaigns have never been outdone. Ironic, provocative and irreverent, the brand's marketing strategy has become famous for its ability to dislodge audiences. But until now they had only sold clothes. The campaign "The Most Expensive T-Shirt Ever" this is perhaps the first time that a fashion brand mixes the logic of the limited drop with the world of real estate and luxury living. Many brands own their own line for the home, Gucci and Versace are the most illustrious example, but no brand had literally sold luxury homes with their signature on it. Like all other campaigns in the brand, this one has proved unprecedented.

The complete collection of the 143 "most expensive t-shirts ever" will be presented today at Miami Art Basel while from tomorrow visits to the luxury condo Diesel Wynwood will begin. If you are curious about the precise location, click here.