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What is Born Romantic?

That what all those graffiti around Milan

What is Born Romantic? That what all those graffiti around Milan

In recent months, graffiti of a withered flower accompanied by the inscription "Born Romantic" began to appear on the walls of all Milan. The graffiti became viral on social media, with over 5000 photos on Instagram under the hashtag #bornromantic. Only in these days, however, with the launch of a performance art event at Tenoha in Milan, the Born Romantic project was presented. It is a streetwear brand born under the creative direction of Alessio Bruno Pomioli that mixes punk, romance and nostalgia for a world that is no longer there and has just released its first capsule collection.

The poster accompanying the capsule reads: "Born Romantic wears the robes of his own self becoming Punk Romantic, where the instability and unpredictability of the paint jet are still characterized by a sense of respect and delicacy towards what surrounds us." Rebellion to society and respect for nature are the founding values of the brand, which in its production uses organic and recycled fabrics precisely because of its "romantic" relationship with the environment.

The capsule consists of a hoodie, a trench coat and two bandanas. The Vicious hoodie is decorated with various pins, including an insert of tartan fabric pinned to the fabric via a nanny brooch. The same decoration returns in the Trench D.A.R.E. to which a graphic print in the style of graffiti on the back is added.  The two tartan bandanas are also decorated with pins and a white print, always in graffiti style.

The first Born Romantic capsule collection is entirely available on the brand's website.