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Teaching fashion - Interview with Barbara Toscano

5 questions to the director of the Marangoni Institute - School of Fashion

Teaching fashion - Interview with Barbara Toscano 5 questions to the director of the Marangoni Institute - School of Fashion

Italian fashion, like excellence and precious tradition, needs the right laboratories and to be handed down in its secrets. Italian fashion does not only come from the Versace, Prada, Fendi or Valentino catwalks, but it has a preliminary training moment, where you become familiar with the tools and languages.

In this sense, Istituto Marangoni is one of the best realities in which teaching is made available to new talents, which will then become protagonists of the industry. 9 locations around the world to stimulate thinking in all directions, from Fashion Design to Fashion Business, communication & media, a journey that ends with Marangoni Playlist, the final show from which the most promising fashion designers come out every year.

We spoke to Barbara Toscano, the director of Istituto Marangoni - School of Fashion, who spoke to us about Milan and the leap from school to work.

 # 1 What are the most popular trends for students?

The young designers have great consciousness, they always look for the novelty to be able to anticipate the trends. Their task will be to dictate the trends and this approach was also seen in the live performance that they brought to the stage during the Marangoni Playlist.

# 2 With what criteria were the 10 finalists of the show chosen?

A jury of experts chose them based on the criteria of creativity, innovation, expressive ability, and communication skills. The outfits were made entirely by them, they presented their own collection, starting from inspiration, sketches, from fabric proposals to the creation of the garment. During the academic course, it is extremely stimulating for students to face themselves directly and constructively with the exponents of the Fashion Industry.

# 3 What are the major difficulties in making the leap from the university to the work?

The leap from the university to the world of work is part of the path and Istituto Marangoni works a lot on this aspect. A strong contribution is also given by the Career service, a service completely dedicated to the orientation of the students, which are followed by the preparation of the curriculum up to the contact with the companies that are interested in offering internship positions. Among our goals, there is also that of following the best talents even after studies, through initiatives such as the "I'M Alumni Collections Revolution" mentoring project that promotes the most deserving students and supports them in creating and presenting their first collection. The Marangoni Institute's Alumni Community is also of great importance, composed of over 40,000 professionals who share the values ​​and the know-how acquired by studying in our offices.

# 4 Following the example of London, to encourage fashion in Milan could be a solution to give more space to young creatives?

It is essential to give space to young creatives to revive the fashion that is increasingly looking for new stimuli. The sector is constantly evolving and the fashion companies can quickly and efficiently select ideas, trends and talents, to develop projects all over the world.

# 5 Istituto Marangoni has many offices, from Florence to Paris and London, but also Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Miami, what Milan have more than all these cities?

Each location works on local peculiarities, we are recognized for our ability to convey values ​​and tradition, in Milan, we seek the Italianness and excellence of craftsmanship, all that has made the history of fashion. Let's talk about knowledge of materials and the search for "know-how". The supply chain in Italy is truly unique and these values ​​and aspects have always been in the foreground of our school, Italianness is a must that the students are looking for and that we also export to China or other locations that we will open in the future.