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5 Italian skate brands to know

Move over Supreme NY and Palace Skateboards

5 Italian skate brands to know Move over Supreme NY and Palace Skateboards

The skate fashion style is made of a few essential pieces, all meant to make you feel at ease and comfortable while skating. 
The T-shirts are oversized, pants are preferably Dickies or worn-out Levi's jeans, the sneakers, with a used finished, are from Vans or Nike SB. The skate fashion generated as a subculture, but over the course of the years, it has progressively become known to a wider audience thanks to brands like Supreme NYPalace SkateboardsThrasher Magazine, proof that a mainly underground taste had definitely become mainstream. 

The skate culture seems to be living a new youth, along with the arrival of a number of new labels that make skateboarding their strong point. Between more minimal and clean brands and others more bold and colourful, right now in Italy, there are a lot of skate-inspired fashion brands. 

We've selected here five skate-inspired fashion brands to know. Get ready to shop. 


Pas De Mer

Colourful graphics designs, unexpected catchphrases, drawings on neutral pieces: Pas De Mer has made the unexpected and the uniqueness its benchmark, along with a fresh and young aesthetic, something that was missing in the industry. Streetwear is now the voice of funny messages without giving up a more underground touch.  



The erotic imaginary born in Italy in the '50s adds a sensual and highly feminine character to a brand that is undeniably skate-inspired. His founder, in fact, is a long time skater and has created NINÌ TIRABUSCIÒ in order to give life to a brand that would swim against the tide, mixing street culture with the icons of our time, everything in a very ironic way. A label that doesn't forget about female skateboarding. 


Youth Club Milano

A brand that is the reflection of a unique post-punk cultural movement. Youth Club Milano takes on the most authentic skate culture through references and quotes that range from church, ATM, The New York Post and punk culture. 


Skate Muzik

Skate Muzik is mainly an independent web radio show based in Milan, broadcasted by NTS Radio, curated by Gianluca Quagliano. Every episode is dedicated to the analysis of the soundtrack of skate videos, every time with a conversation on music and skate with a guest. (You can listen to the episodes on the website of Skate Muzik Milano or on NTS Radio). From the web-radio came subsequently the merchandise where the slogan Listen To Skate Muzik is featured on T-shirts and hoodies: the items were sold at the Supreme Store in Paris and Brooklyn, at Prov in Tokyo, at Palomino in the Uk and in many other core skate shops around the world. 


Doomsday Society

Born in 2012 from the minds of Francesco Liori, a worldwide known designer, and André Suergiu, the brand can boast as its face rapper Salmo. The label takes inspiration from a great number of subcultures, not only skate but also tattoos, graffiti, punk and hard-rock. The graffiti background is especially reflected in the graphics on the T-shirts and hoodies, all with a unique and original finish.