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Tommy Cash, the Estonian artist that shook the rap scene

We caught up with the eclectic rapper right after his concert in Milan

Tommy Cash, the Estonian artist that shook the rap scene We caught up with the eclectic rapper right after his concert in Milan

Tomas Tammemets, better known as Tommy Cash, comes from Estonia, probably not the first country you would think of when talking about international pop stars. Tommy is, of course, an exception, and his roots are one of the most characterising and recognisable elements of his universe. 

Born in 1991, Tomas grew up in the ghetto of Tallinn right after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The discovery of music and dance, during the high school years, changed forever his life. Graduation by Kanye West made him want to perform on a stage in front of a wild crowd, while his hip-hop teacher, Jon, helped him shape his taste and aesthetic. Tommy Cash's music universe is an eclectic mix of rap, techno and pop, the first song he posted on YouTube, Guez Whoz Bak, drew immediately the attention of the audience: his visuals, in fact, always so over-the-top, exaggerated, the symbol of an undeniably East European aesthetic, have stood out since the beginning of Tommy's career. In 2014 he published his first album, Euroz Dollaz Yeniz, while 2018 saw the release of the album ¥€$

In a very short time, Tommy Cash has become one of the most original and interesting artists around. We caught up with him right after his concert at Circolo Magnolia in Milan (here we reported on his Roman gig). Here's what he told us.


#1 Your music is a mix of different styles and inspirations. How do you create, what inspires your music videos?

I just do it, I rather don’t think much because in today’s age everyone thinks way too much, creation is about what you feel not "what would work". I smash things together like Hulk and make em fit.


#2 To what degree have the place and time you were born and raised - Estonia at the beginning of the '90s - influenced your music and creativity? 

To a college degree. I mean even if you say no you are. Automatically. You can’t erase the first 20 years of your life and say I’m not inspired by that time.

#3 What is your approach to fashion?

I’m a fan of ideas. I probably buy the dumbest designer stuff out there because someone at the fashion house was like fuck it and did it. Like Vetements sleeping bag or Balenciaga Rescue vest. Or I’m totally buying the Louis Vuitton pencil set when it comes out! And I still go to Humana to get my grandad sweatshirt for 3.50.


#4 You’re known also for your aesthetic, result of the Post-Soviet movement, which from being a subculture has progressively become mainstream. What do you think of this transformation and what do you see in the future of this style?

I feel that Post Soviet is like Millennial kids, we were just born this time and place. Net Gen would be future soviet before it was Soviet and pre-soviet (lol). It’s more aesthetic for y’all but I have to live there. I started doing it before it was "trendy", years before Gosha got famous. I’m not trying to be cool, it’s like I will stop talking in Russian after it’s not cool, NOT.

#5 You’ve just played at Circolo Magnolia in Milan in an event organized by Radar Concerti. How was the tour so far and how was the Italian crowd?

Milan was dope. But no one brought me pasta and this made me very sad because I’m a known macaroni/bread lover. We've been now on tour for over a month! I love to do it! I’m best at it!



Artist Tommy Cash

Photography Tana Kadlecova
Photo Editor Alessandro Bigi 
VFX Giang Nguyen
MUA Nadire Esker
Producer Marta Stella BrienzaYoussef Giga
Art Direction & Production nss factory