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The Gucci party in Dubai

A special guest came to celebrate the new store inside the Dubai Mall

The Gucci party in Dubai A special guest came to celebrate the new store inside the Dubai Mall

If you still believe that Dubai means only sea, swimming pools, desert tours, tourist attractions, you’re wrong. The new metropolis is year after year becoming a hot spot for many young fashion enthusiasts around the world.
Gucci knows this well and has decided to organize - in one of the hottest periods of the year - a very exclusive party in its new store inside the Dubai Mall.
We have been invited by Gucci in Dubai and we have some pretty cool stories to tell you. 

Day I

To start, we had the chance to visit the Gucci store inside the Dubai Mall, a real city within the city of Dubai. For the occasion, Gucci had reserved its invitations to special guests from all over the world. A trap DJ set, and cool kids animated the new store, but if this was not enough, the arrival of a surprise guest further animated the situation. Covered by a Gucci headscarf - of course - were the inseparable Ian Connor (also with a scarf), and A$AP Rocky quietly wandered around the store, taking a look at the items on display.

And if this already seems to be good enough, the evening then moved on and it has certainly not stopped here.
For the party, Gucci chose the location of  Sole DXB, the event dedicated to streetwear and music that for years now has been attracting fans to Dubai from all over the world. Here between a hip-hop and funk sound, burgers and cocktails, guests continued to dance and chat, until - without a scarf but with a poncho - A$AP Rocky took the stage for a surprise live performance.

In addition to the various hits of his repertoire, A$AP sang his new single Sundress live for the first time, making all the guests dance. The energy was such that at the end of the live show he decided to jump into the crowd and sing in the audience. I'm not sure how much his bodyguards enjoyed this, but we sure did.


Day 2

Tired as hell but happy to have witnessed live one of the most interesting rappers of our generation, we did not lose a minute in the beautiful hotel pool. 
Gucci had another surprise for us. A pre-inauguration private tour inside Sole DXB with its founders. In addition to visiting the crazy location - which we had only partially seen the night before - we discovered from the voices of those who have created this project since day one and continue to bring it to forward, what Sole DXB really is. As Hussain Moloobhoy, one of the founders told us, “You can’t fully understand Sole DXB until you're here, until you feel the energy until you see all those people with the same passion in the same place". From its beginnings in a small location to today, the community is what really matters, according to what the Bosses say - the name that's written on their passes -, that is what has allowed the growth of Sole DXB.

Inspired by the vision and passion of these guys we headed to our last dinner in Dubai.
Gucci had reserved for us a terrace in the heart of the city, giving us another opportunity to spend time together, meet some of the guys who were in the store the night before, and to say goodbye: the evening ended with a toast to the Gucci Gvng

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