Emerging Italian menswear label Magliano took a blast to the past for the inspiration behind their SS19 collection which was aptly titled A Wardrobe by Night. The Bolognese designer Luca Magliano, in his third season of creation drew inspiration from a subgenera of crime and action films called Poliziotteschi which reigned in Italy during the late 1960’s. The protagonists of these films were generally working class men willing to act outside a corrupt or overly bureaucratic system. These men wore full oversized suits, in solid colours or stripes accentuated with sunglasses and of course a guns. They were mysterious characters who were often flocked by women for their courage to go against the system.

Magliano SS19 Collection: A Wardrobe by Night  The Bolognese designer is inspired by the detective genre, its mystery and its oversize suits | Image 0
These were similar to the characters the designer created for his recent collection. Magliano curated a collection of colourful 60’s inspired suits which held interesting intricate details such as screws and zippers on belts and clock faces on shoes. His chirurgical-like cut and sew process delivers a collections which gives a nostalgic ring yet a slight breath of fresh air to the field of menswear. He also teamed up with photographer Giovanni Corabi and stylist Elisa Voto to create a look book which mimics these characters doccumented in their everyday life.

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