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Halloween costumes inspired by 2000

5 trash proposals for your costume

Halloween costumes inspired by 2000  5 trash proposals for your costume

Halloween is coming and the anxiety of the "what I'll wear this year?" arrives as usual every October 30th since you stopped doing "trick or treat" and you started to attend parties of friends of friends based on beer, random music and free houses for one night.

This year nss has decided to fight the witches, the sexy kittens or the fake (non-original) superman and to advise looks really scary. Inspiration could only come from the scariest years in history, that dark period when trash was legal and also fashion, where unlikely songs and TV series were considered worthy of making history: we're talking about 2000. Let yourself be inspired from these look '00 for your Halloween and if someone does not recognize it at first sight, you can proudly explain the reason of your choice and so receive an "ahhhh really cool" by your friends and win the prize of "Most original costume".


#1 My Simple life (2003)

Known reality show for 4 years (and we're already curious about the how), it broadcasts the adventures of two trash characters of the '00s, the heiress Paris Hilton and the "trusted" friend Nicole Richie. In this case, these two young rich party-harder must do common jobs and go around the cities without mobile phones, credit cards or luxury clothes. And why not take inspiration from Nicole and Paris for this Halloween dress?

What you need: salopette to match with shiny heels and jewels, messy hair and many lip gloss.


#2 Britney & Justin (2001)


One of the most iconic images of the 2000s. It was 2001, it was the American Music Awards and they were the coolest couple in America. B & J decided to dress coordinated for the occasion. Choice that guaranteed them two things: iconicity (before) and laughter (after). Fun Fact: in a recent interview with The Project Justin Timberlake remembered the old times with the former and shared a comment about the stylistic choice of that 2001: "If you wear denim on denim, everything remains registered".

What you need: a total jeans look, a pair of old glasses and a boy/girlfriend.


#3 Lunapop (1999-2002)


In Italy things were certainly not better. There were the Lunapop and they were the romantics that with the sound of "Vorrei" made you carzy and think that behind the bad boy with the crest there was the prince of your dreams. But those hair brush, cheap sunglasses and "cool" broken caps, today they are signs impossible to erase from our memory, symbols of a fashion era that was never fashion. And why not propose them again for the night of the 31st?

What you need to be a real Lunapop: oversized hoodie, large trousers, caps with visor to put rigorously on the contrary, sunglasses that you can look for at the supermarket near the crates, red tint to test on the hair.


#4 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2000) 

Masterpiece signed by Cartoon Network, winner of two Emmy Awards, Billy & Mandy is that cartoon that certainly marked the youth of many of us and, capable of mixing irony and a light dark touch, can inspire a perfect group costume.

What do you need: for her (Mandy) a pink dress, a headband and white stocks; for Billy, a total blue look and a red cap; to incarnate instead the Grim Reaper you have just find an ax and a black sheet.


#5 Snoop Dogg - P.I.M.P. (2003)

Elegance and pure trash, white fur and pink suit, glittered tie and dark curls. We're talking about the legendary look that Snoop Dogg showed during his ft with 50 Cent, it was 2003 and they were the true kings of the hip hop/rap scene. And why not take inspiration from P.I.M.P. for an iconic Halloween look?

What you need: white fur, suit jacket-pants pink, white hat to add a feather, sunglasses with shaded lenses and a fluttering wig with black curls.