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adidas Originals launches a GORE-TEX jacket 

With patented KARKAJ folding technology

adidas Originals launches a GORE-TEX jacket  With patented KARKAJ folding technology

As we’ve been seeing more and more recently, techwear with its functionality is making a bigger and bigger impact on contemporary fashion. Among luxury and more traditional sports brands alike, fusing form and function, with great designs that also perform and adapt to all manner of conditions. In this latest trends it time for adidas Originals to present their take on a GORE-TEX jacket. Incorporating patented KARKAJ technology, and designed in collaboration with the functional clothing pioneer Conroy Nachtigall. The aim of the project was to create a lightweight, foldable and reliable solution that can protect from the elements thanks to the use of waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology while making it easy to have ready with its foldable design based on the patented KARKAJ technology. The result is a very lightweight jacket, launching today September 6th in Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Foldability has been identified from the beginning as a central requirement of the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection for modern urban life. The challenge was to find a more intuitive approach to converting a jacket, and above all to be able to do it 'on the go', and for this purpose, adidas Originals entrusted the challenge to designer Conroy Nachtigall.

"The collaboration between adidas Originals and Conroy was a perfect marriage: on the one hand, the company with its rich history and a huge archive to inspire, on the other the designer with his experience in designing and developing technical and minimalists: While starting from different perspectives, both partners share a passion for credible, reliable and high-quality products, and this has laid the foundation for a great partnership, "

Peter Schwirtz, adidas Originals Senior Product Manager.

The unique form of KARKAJ is the result of a process of transformation, with the technology guiding its design. The wearer of KARKAJ can easily modify the garment into a space effective and wearable accessory, adaptable to different atmospheric conditions and settings, from sunshine to rain, from the forest to the streets.

"Design comes from the subdivision of work into different phases: we had different ideas that we tested in the course of the process, I asked myself several times if it was simple, intuitive and usable on the move", commented Conroy Nachtigall. GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable product, faithful to the GUARANTEE TO KEEP YOU DRY ™ motto, has been one of the essential requirements of the project from the very beginning. The GORE-TEX membrane is probably one of the most fascinating materials in I've ever come across. The "guarantee to keep you dry" statement requires a total conviction in one's work. For me it is one of the most versatile products available today".

Peter Schwirtz

Available today, for more information visit GORE-TEX online, and adidas Originals.