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adidas Originals presents P.O.D. System Documentary

A look inside the deeply consider design process

adidas Originals presents P.O.D. System Documentary A look inside the deeply consider design process

We’ve been closely following the developments of the latest adidas Originals P.O.D-S3.1. From its launch in June to the new colorway that drops August 2nd.  

With its quite novel development in both approach and final design, adidas Originals has produced a special short documentary to give an insight into the processes behind the shoe. Featuring some rather heavyweight adidas players such as, Senior Vice President of Global Design Nic Galway, Designer Lena Groneck, Senior Product Manager Maja Romeike, and Senior Product Director Till Jagla amongst others. They guide us through a visual analysis of the shoes deeply considered design. Incorporating three elements from its past to its present, with Torsion, EVA, and Boost technology, the film tells the story of how the Originals design team ventured deep into its expansive archive to search and blend together technologies from adidas’s rich past, with its very latest innovations. 

Galway described the pursuit as driven by “the unusual or the forgotten” rediscovering the EQT Cushion 2 silhouette from 1995, which was characterized by the distinctive split-sole design that was bridged by an enlarged Torsion inspired unit which ultimately led to the reimagination of the Point of Deflection System or P.O.D. System, that then evolved into the P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette.  

The documentary shows the incredible physical development of the P.O.D-S3.1 where literally hundreds of shoes through the adidas ages were chopped up and reassembled in endless combinations to achieve new and unexpected configurations. The resulting film explains and demystifies the complexities of the immense process and underpinning philosophy for the development of the shoes that Galway summarises as:

“We have this great past, and we have this amazing future. And P.O.D. System is really about connecting that past with the future." 

Watch the adidas Originals P.O.D. System documentary below: