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It's logomania: Fendi launches the FF capsule collection

In stores from May 14th

 It's logomania: Fendi launches the FF capsule collection In stores from May 14th

Understatement? No, thanks.

If a few years ago it was cool to hide the name of the brand that was worn (see Margiela or Naomi Klien's book "No logo"), today the must is to show it.

A way to declare membership of a group? No, for the Generation Z it becomes almost self-congratulation, a means to express itself, a way to give voice to your taste.

Giant lettering all over, they stand out on every type of garment and accessory.

From the iconic double C by Chanel to the monogram of Louis Vuitton passing through Gucci and Balenciaga, the trend is logomania.

This is also confirmed by Fendi, which, in collaboration with Net-a-porter, is launching the FF capsule collection in recent days, a way to celebrate its heritage and a tribute to craftsmanship and design.

"A logo is not just a logo. It's much more. For me, the Fendi FF logo is a code that is part of our DNA. It is a guarantee seal" - underlined Silvia Venturini Fendi - "The Fendi FF logo represents a very important value: this is why it is often present in our collections. It is not just a logo: it is the story of a fashion house that will soon turn into a century, and rests on values such as tradition, passion and love".

The iconic "FF" ("Fun Fur") designed by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of womenswear, in 1965, in the square formula created in 1974, return to the protagonists and invade raincoats, parkas, hooded sweatshirts, bomber jackets, shoes (Rockoko boots, sandals, slides and sneakers), sunglasses, mink pendants and iPhone X covers.


The capsule will be available on the portal of the Ynap group in world premiere from April 13th, and then will be sold in the boutiques of the fashion house and on from May 14th.