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Unlaced Sneakers: Dope or Nope?

Shoelaces or not shoelaces this is the dilemma!

Unlaced Sneakers: Dope or Nope? Shoelaces or not shoelaces this is the dilemma!

The technology today, as you can see, is evolving more and more, without limits, expanding in every system and sector, even reaching the world of fashion and streetwear.

A continuous evolution that has been manifesting itself for years, creating day after day new trends, reaching up to today where the trend of unlaced sneakers is now more than consolidated.

One of these sectors that has developed particularly is the world of sneakers in fact today we can see a variety of unlaced sneakers, which several brands have decided to develop precisely for the interesting and futuristic system that is taking place around these concepts without laces by observing brands like Balenciaga, Prada, Acne Studios for the high fashion side, and Nike and adidas for the sportswear and streetwear side, from the most complex to the simplest, from the most "cheap" to the most expensive.

This trend, however, to the mass can like as you may not like, in fact, the sneaker has pros and cons, such as avant-garde, comfort and technology applied to a silhouette, but at the same time for many, these concepts of sneakers lose all their charm and ideology also tied to the shoelace of the shoe, essential part for a sneakers for many lovers that can not miss.

So, what's your thoughts? Are you in favor of this trend? Let's take a look together to those sneakers that have revolutionized this trend, making it evolve also in terms of interest for those people who were not interested in it before.


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