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The message behind Calvin Klein 2018 #MyCalvins campaign

#MyCalvins 2018

The message behind Calvin Klein 2018 #MyCalvins campaign #MyCalvins 2018

Raf Simons has captured the attention of everyone, leaving, since he is creative director, an indelible mark in what is the aesthetics of Calvin Klein, carrying this revolution even in the most iconic lines of the brand, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans, without stripping them of their heritage.

Within the latest #MyCalvins campaign, those fundamental principles emerge those basic values that, today, are rarely celebrated within the fashion system, continuing the tradition of #MyCalvin to celebrate the concept of "crew" "as an associative space and place, source of creativity and inspiration.

Analyzing the recent #MyCalvins campaigns it is possible to admire how underwear and jeans items are a pure homage to simplicity and high quality, a hymn to the natural beauty of these garments, set in a frame with a touch and a bucolic touch, which echoes the so much American and patriotic traditionalism that defines the American thrust brought about by Raf in the Maison. From these bare environments, from the simple refinement of the proposed garments, the testimonials chosen for the new #MyCalvins campaign almost stand out for their media and communicative power.

Thus, an advertising campaign is launched that is able to connect tradition and modernity through the careful selection of protagonists who, stripped of their more public identity, effortlessly interpret the two faces of Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear.

A new communication strategy that does not distort but redefines. 



Union, family, friendship.
Through the well-known crew A$AP Mob and the Kardashian/Jenner family, Calvin Klein recounts a sense of belonging, of "always being there for each other", how much the presence and the comfort of the loved ones are some of the things everyone needs. The desire to rely on these well-known personalities turns out to be an incredible and successful communication strategy, direct, clear, capable of appealing to new generations, but also capable of making it emerge in a different light.





"Music, understood as an expression of the world, is a universal language to the highest degree, and its universality is to the universality of concepts more or less how the concepts are to single things",

said Arthur Schopenhauer. Through the symphony one creates an incredible uniqueness among the individuals, and if to generate it is the warm and sensual voice of Solange Knowles, you are automatically catapulted into a safe haven, far from the chaos of everyday frenzy. Everything is forgotten, nothing matters, you just have to close your eyes, breathe and be enveloped by the melody. Calvin Klein perceives his power and celebrates it as an element capable of influencing individuals and, why not, making them live better.


Kaia and Presley Gerber: youth, freshness and a bright future to illuminate their path. The clean faces of the two sons of Cindy Crawford generate magic through the shots made in the charming barn. A strong bond that transmits a strong message, a #youth to be discovered, made even more special by that precious innocence ready to discover a new world.