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Rossignol - Winter Youth

Photography Francis Delacroix

Rossignol - Winter Youth Photography Francis Delacroix

Merging does not necessarily mean confusing, it means joining forces and, at the same time, succeeding in enhancing oneself, exalting each other and making mutual strengths prevail.

Mixing its iconic garments to other streetwear and high brand worlds, different but not opposed, Rossignol shows the extreme versatility and youthful strength of its FW17-18 collection with Winter Youth, the editorial produced by nss factory that fully meets the bold and fierce style of its nss G club.

Winter Youth tells the unique story of Rossignol, through a new narrative and a story between two worlds.

Photographer Francis Delacroix
Styling Valeria SemushinaMaria Vittoria Reale
Model Maria Vittoria Reale
Art direction & Production nss factory