In a historical moment in which the line of demarcation between high-fashion and streetwear only gets thinner, the fashion system proves to be still too close to an audience that, on the contrary, is more and more interested in the market dynamics. A change, a new freshness was necessary.

To perceive this need is WHITE, the leading Italian women's fashion research fair, along with three of the most innovative and authoritative voices on the Italian scene: Probeat Agency, one of the leading PR agencies in the street & fashion world, nss factory, media agency known for its futuristic approach to new media and Club To Club, a musical authority on the Italian territory, and beyond, that does not need to be presented. 
So, borns in Milan WHITE STREET MARKET, an innovative format of the Business & Consumer fair which, for non-professionals, implies a new opening within traditional trade shows. Buyers from all over the world and consumers will be able to meet, experiment and interact with the brands present in a completely new, direct and filter-free manner.

It is a revolution in the format of the trade show on the Italian soil, putting the spotlight on the interaction between realities and opening the doors of fashion to the general public.

The first edition of WHITE STREET MARKET will be held on 16-17-18 June, but a special teaser event will happen on Sunday 14th January at the Ex Ansaldo BASE - Via Tortona 54 to present the avant-garde project. After a first moment dedicated to the presentation of the concept, in fact, there will be a party open to all in collaboration with Club To Club.

From 20 P.M. to midnight, there will be a unique and interactive musical event defined by the sound of The New Italian Wave and Club To Club which can be accessed simply by registering at this link:

The change starts in Milan and everyone can finally be part of it.


cover image property of WHITE | M.SEVENTY srl